Forgotten Film Club: Trading Mom/The Mommy Market

Hello Very Special Readers! Episode 2 of my podcast is now available. This month we’re talking about 1994’s Trading Mom, also known as The Mommy Market, starring Sissy Spacek and Anna Chlumsky. Want to hear a clip? Check out the video below.

You may remember I covered this movie on this blog way back in 2015. Something a bit different about the podcast is we update the movie for 2023. In this case, that means imagining the moms in the mommy market for 2023–think influencer mom, Lululemon mom, and in the clip below, molecular gastronomy chef mom:

And sometimes we just get silly. Like when Hallie got a 30 second clip of a rap song from the movie stuck in her head but couldn’t remember any of the words…

I should also note that the recording of the podcast, I discovered an error in my original review from 2015. Whoops! I’ve corrected it for the podcast. Can you spot the difference? You can listen here or on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and iHeart Radio.

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