The Weirdest Outfits of the ’90’s (A Very Special Review)

If you read this blog, you probably know by now that there’s nothing I love more than a little snark and Saved by the Bell.

I am especially excited for this episode, “Rockumentary,” because it’s a mockumentary and because it has Casey Kasem (may he rest in peace) narrating. It might not be a “very special” life lesson, but it’s a special episode nonetheless. How often does Casey Kasem narrate Saved by the Bell, you guys? And I wouldn’t be surprised if we learned a thing or two about friendship along the way.

The documentary opens with Casey Kasem chatting with Zack Morris about the “Friends Forever Tour” that Zack Attack is kicking off with a big arena concert.

Zack Attack is:

Lead Singer—Kelly Kapowski

Lead Guitar—Zack Morris

Bass—Lisa Turtle

Keyboard—Screech Powers

Drums—A.C. Slater

(Noticeably absent is Jesse Spano. Apparently, Elizabeth Berkeley broke her knee and couldn’t perform. Ouch.)

It’s interesting that Kelly is the lead singer because everyone sings about the same amount except for Screech. They don’t let Screech sing. But some crazed fans do run up on stage and rip his clothes off. Ew.

Alright, alright, I know this is not an actual very special episode. I just wanted everyone to see Not Michael Jackson and Not Madonna give the Saved by the Bell cast a (not) Grammy.

Not Michael Not Madonna
Not Michael
Not Madonna

Below are a few important fashion moments that every millennial needs to bear witness too. These are our early ‘90’s roots and we have to accept them.

Screech’s Ms. Frizzle Solar System Tuxedo Jacket:Screech's Ms. Frizzle-like solar system jacket

Kelly’s Selena Style and Zack’s puffy, puffy coat:

Kelly’s diaper spandex belted bike shorts:

These vinyl sleeves:

These vinyl sleeves

This phosphorescent green jacket that even New Kids on the Block wasn’t brave enough to rock:
This look that even New Kids on the Block wouldn't  have been big enough to rock.

Very Special Lesson: Don’t let your ego get too big or you’ll end up looking like Zack in that ugly green jacket.

***Note: All outfits worn by Lisa Turtle were omitted from the post because she was and will always be fabulous***

8 thoughts on “The Weirdest Outfits of the ’90’s (A Very Special Review)

  1. How convenient that the Saved by the Bell gang all play different instruments that fit together in a band! 🙂 I always loved Kelly’s style and wished high school was like that show!

    1. I usually love Kelly’s outfits, but I think the glamour of rockstar life was messing with her style in this episode. I definitely wish high school was like this show too, but then I probably would have been depressed about growing up.

  2. Come on-Zack looked all sortsa hot with that high hair & makeup with perfectly accentuated his cheekbones!. Sorta not kidding. That Kelly dress at the awards show is actually one of my faves.

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