Top That: Teen Witch and Fashion

If you haven’t see the 1989 classic Teen Witch then you need to get on that stat. If you have a Netflix membership and aren’t spending your next free 93 minutes watching this ridiculousness, then you are seriously depriving yourself.

Actually, I’m fairly certain watching this movie will be good for your mental health. So there you go. The Doctor is in and she says watch tune in, turn on (the love interest is hot), and geek out (you’re not gonna feel cool at all while watching this but that’s a good thing).

For those of you without cable television or a penchant for sappy rom-coms with a mediocre 80’s budget, Teen Witch is the heartwarming tale of mousey Louise who discovers she’s a witch on her sixteenth birthday. Louise (played by that girl from Karate Kid Part III, also known as Blake Lively’s much older sister, Robin Lively) uses her new found powers to become super cool and date the hottest guy in school. There’s also a lot of musical numbers. Like this really random one:

You see, Louise lives in a world that is both enchanting and awful. Everyone spontaneously breaks out into perfectly choreographed happy dances. But no one shows up to her sixteenth birthday except for her friend Polly. Like literally everyone else was SUCH an asshole that not even one person attended out of guilt.

This surreal universe also seems to create a world of  bizarre yet celebrated fashion choices. But you don’t have to take my word for it!

And in the end, Louise decides to give up her magical powers because that’s the only way she can know for sure that people like her for who she truly is–even though most people treated her like shit. Being yourself even if you’re treated like shit is just about as very special as it get.

13 thoughts on “Top That: Teen Witch and Fashion

  1. Okay, as a guy with a Netflix account, do you honestly recommend this to me? I’m sure it is filled with many special lessons, such as being treated like shit for who you are, but is there anything else I can get out of it?

    1. If you like really really campy stuff, then yeah it’s pretty funny. There’s some girls in bathing suits doing a dance, but I’m stereotyping your male-ness now. It’s only an hour and a half long, so it’s worth a view!

      1. Thank you for stereotyping my maleness and not my manliness. BIG Difference. And you’re right; I should watch it. What have I got to lose? I could always benefit from understanding the plights of the common teenage witch.

  2. I’ve never seen this one. I’ll have to check it out. I don’t have Netflix though. I think I am going to “cut the cord”, and dump my stupid cable system, and get Netflix and Hulu to go along with my Amazon Prime. This sounds like something I’d love to review on my Return to the ’80s Movies segment.

    1. Do it! I have Amazon Prime and Netflix (I just watch the free stuff on Hulu and there’s a ton of old stuff on YouTube too). This movie is awesome. Can’t wait to read your review!

      1. Thanks! This would be perfect because I’m reviewing movies that I either haven’t seen in 20+ years, or ’80s movies that I had not seen before.

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