The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Christmas Caper

First of all, thank you to those of you who voted for this episode. I would gladly review all eleven of these episodes, except that I’m pretty sure I would only be writing for myself. However, if I am wrong PLEASE let me know in the comments/fulfill my hopes and dreams. While I am sad that “Lizzie McGuire ft. Aaron Carter” did not make the cut this year, thanks for throwing me a bone with this one. Anyway, for those of you who were moved by the Christmas spirit to vote MK&A, this is for you:51vn9vjad3l

Apparently, The Olsen & Olsen Mystery Agency doesn’t close for holidays because they’re willing and ready to work on Christmas Eve. Fans of Elizabeth Olsen are in for a treat with this one, as she appears (credited as Lizzie Olsen) in a montage about “Christmas mysteries.” (i.e. The origins of “nog” in eggnog, the culprit who took a bite out of the gingerbread man, and the ever looming mystery of what causes Christmas lights to get tangled all the time.) Cue the first song: “Too Much To Do,” which is basically the Olsen’s version of The Waitresses’s “Christmas Wrapping.”

And then they get a call to solve a mystery from a company called Extremely Long Flights Airlines (or E.L.F Airlines). They’ve lost “The Spirit of Christmas,” which is an airplane, so the twins head to 1225 North Pole Drive on their bikes. (P.S. their bikes’ handlebars are sporting some very nice Christmas wreaths).

So basically, The Twins hardcore judge them for losing their only airplane. It’s not like they’re running a big operation here. But the Twins are willing to help solve the mystery. They don’t want anyone to be sad on Christmas. Also, this mystery involves a computer (oooooh).

So the Twins pull out some gigantic laptops and start making notes on why the “really big computer suddenly stopped working.” This includes looking “for creatures in the computer’s hardware.” This last thing does the trick, as Mary-Kate finds a gigantic snake. Then the computer starts working again and they girls see Santa in the plane. (Guess, he decided to modernize his operations back in 1995 and upgraded from the sleigh setup.)

When the “Really Big Computer” stops working again, the twins figure the computer has been hacked. It wouldn’t have been to hard of a job since E.L.F. Airlines has set their password to “ho-ho-ho.”

Soon enough, there is another break in the case. The E.L.F. crew prints out their naughty/nice list and discover that there is only one kid on the nice list this year: Ebenezer Scrooge. Ashely figures it’s a code name, so she plugs it into a “program”on her clunky laptop and discovers that Ebenezer Scrooge is really Roger E. Bencoseeze.

f202162d4f765f7d08caa2e0d9c96349The twins and the E.L.F. crew head to Roger E. Bencoseeze’s house to confront him. He lives in a mansion with a butler and everything. This dude turns out to be a real Scrooge. He pretty much just hates Christmas. This leads the twins to sing another insufferably pitchy song to teach this kid about the spirit of Christmas. But the song messes this kid’s icy cold heart. He fixes the E.L.F. computer and wishes them all a Merry Christmas.

Very Special Christmas Lesson: If you’re going to hack the naughty or nice list, maybe leave a few names on the nice list other than your own, just to throw off suspicious.

5 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Christmas Caper

  1. Omg, you should totally do the whole series! I was so obsessed with these videos when I was a kid, but I never owned them myself and had to watch at friends’ houses. Actually found a giant stack in a dollar bookstore when I was 19 and my mom bought me all they had. Not the full set, but I still pull them out and watch from time to time.

  2. I just wanted to say you would have at least one person interested in reading your reviews of this series and hopefully the You’re Invited videos. Both were a huge part of my childhood.

    1. I do have a post where I ranked the “You’re Invited Series.” I just discovered it was listed as “uncategorized,” so I’ve moved it to the Mary-Kate & Ashley category if you want to check it out. My grandfather used to send me their VHS tapes, but I was more into “The Adventures” because I was a mystery-reading FIEND at that time in my life.

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