Saved by the Bell: Pipe Dreams

At first I thought this would be the episode about marijuana but no that one is called “No Hope with Dope” and it is for another day. In this episode, we meet Becky, the duck.

Becky the duck is very important because she’s going to teach us about the environment. Becky lives in the pond behind the football field at Bayside High School.

One day, Zack hit Becky with a baseball and decided to nurse her back to health out of guilt and his general good-nature.

One special day, the construction workers installing a new goalpost on the Bayside football field struck oil. Black Gold. Texas Tea. According to California State Education Laws, the public school of Bayside gets to keep all of the oil money.

Meanwhile, Becky has begun to feel better and can return to her home habitat!

But on the very day that Becky returns home, the oil rig behind the Bayside football field spills into the pond.

Becky died that day.

But Zack and all of his friends learned a very valuable lesson, and vowed to keep the oil people from ruining their high school.

Very Special Lesson: Parents don’t care when the school board votes to have their children attend class alongside oil derricks.

4 thoughts on “Saved by the Bell: Pipe Dreams

  1. It’s sad I remember some of these pics from a book I had…

    Pipe dreams as the drug episode would have had Johnny Dakota offering crack. Crack is whack. And by the early 90s heroin was the thing anyway….

    Moving along, I hate this episode 🙂 and I’m actually an environmentalist, but I remember thinking–okay, I know this show is cheesy, but a couple of kids aren’t going to make the school board change it’s vote in ONE day.

    Franklin the perv and Jessie’s and Kelly’s reaction to him was funny though. Especially because, Kelly was the one nice to everyone, but it was a reminder that yes, she was head cheerleader and probably nerds made her ill too which is the way the universe worked. (So I still don’t get how Screech got to hang out with these kids–will never get that).

    Finally, the more I watch this show, I think Zack (as cute as he was) really wasn’t a good hearted person for the most part. He would wrap up that way at the end of each episode but he had sociopathic tendencies. But, again, very cute, which makes it okay.

    Nice recap; love the memories!

    1. Ugh I know Screech shouldn’t have ever been with that crowd. Zack is kind of a sociopath which is why I liked Slater. Also, what school board isn’t getting hounded by concerned parents? Who wants their kids attending class on an oil rig?

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