Doug: Doug’s Christmas Story

Before we start, I need to inform you all that this is a VERY dramatic episode of Doug. It starts off with Doug’s dog Porkchop saving Beebe, the resident spoiled brat, from falling through thin ice and being FALSELY accused of biting her in the process. Her father has Pork Chop taken to the pound and presses charges against Doug.


In an effort to clear Porkchop’s name, Doug goes door to door with a petition. Unfortunately, he has a lot of trouble getting anyone to sign it. With no one in the real world to help him, Doug strategizes with his imagination. He assembles the dream team of Smash Adams (A James Bond-type who looks like Doug), Quailman (A superhero who looks like Doug), and Race Canyon (an Indiana Jones-type who looks like Doug). They all have different suggestions for Doug, but he decides to go with Smash Adams’s idea to get Porkchop out with some “high-tech gadgetry.” A pair of twins (whose names I cannot remember) help him out with a smoke bomb designed as a cupcake.

While his BFF Skeeter creates a diversion, Doug sneaks into the restricted area of the pound. Meanwhile, the security guard takes a bite out of the smoke bomb, whoops. And just before he can get to Porkchop, the guard kicks Doug out of the pound.

Finally, it is Porkchop’s day in court (and the poor thing has to wear a muzzle). Porkchop is able to communicate to Doug that he needs to go to the lake, but Doug has trouble convincing the court. This leads to Doug giving an impassioned speech about how Porkchop is a part of his family, just like Beebe is a part of he family. And the judge is all like “he’s just a dog.” And Doug proclaims that Porkchop is also a part of the community.


Here is a short list of all the things Porkchop has done for humans:
-Babysat a couple of kids while their mom was out of town on an overnight trip
-Showed up with a hammer and nails to help some neighbors rebuild their home the morning after it burned down (he also brought cookies)
-Fixed a transmission
-Lent someone $20 bucks
-Taught a child to walk again after a devastating accident

This convinces everyone to go to the lake where Beebe recreates her steps. Porkchop starts to freak out again when she nears the thin ice, but guards hold him back. So she falls in and almost drowns. Luckily, Porkchop is able to break away from him restraints and jumps into the water to save her.

Porkchop is exonerated and hailed as a hero of his community. To repay Porkchop for how poorly they treated him, the whole town hosts a dinner for all of the dogs in the pound.

Very Special Holiday Lesson: Well, this is now my favorite Christmas episode ever. I don’t think I even need to watch any others (but I will because I promised you seven). Just remember, if you’re getting a puppy for Christmas, it’s a long-term commitment and if you’re not willing to stand by that dog through his wrongful imprisonment and come to his defense in a kangaroo court, then you should probably buy the new iPhone this holiday season instead.

2 thoughts on “Doug: Doug’s Christmas Story

  1. I’m glad somebody’s having a good time with Christmas reviews. I’m stuck at college for another day, with lousy WiFi. I tried uploading a Let’s Play of Home Alone for the Sega Genesis and some Christmas movie reviews to my YouTube account, but after two hours of the upload not even being halfway done, I gave up and I’m going to have to wait to go home where the WiFi is much faster.

    I know there was an old Lassie episode similar to this Doug episode, where Timmy got in a fight with a bully, and Lassie came to the rescue, but then the bully blamed Lassie for an injury he got during his fight with Timmy. At the end of the episode, the court figured out that the injuries that the bully had could not have come from Lassie biting or scratching him, as they were the wrong shape and size, and the charges were dropped. I think I saw that one on a Digiview DVD from WalMart (if you even remember that crap company. They were so terrible that they listed the wrong runtimes on a lot of the movies they licenced, and they sometimes listed the wrong episodes on the back of the cases of TV shows they licenced, and later got sued for accidentally putting out an unlicenced copy of Animal Farm. But since their DVDs only cost a dollar, I guess I got what I payed for. My Mom actually purchased their release of Animal Farm, and I still find it hilarious that we have an “illegal DVD” in out collection, though of course we didn’t know at the time we bought it).

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