That Time I Tried to Be Open-Minded

I just got home from work. And as I unlocked my door, I said to myself: “I should blog about the one thing that could possible make me change all of my opinions on Girl Meets World.

You see, yesterday I learned that they would finally provide some closure to the Mr. Turner story. This is all I have ever wanted from Girl Meets World. It’s the primary reason I was interested in a reboot. It’s the only thing that could make me rethink my scathing reviews of it. And so I was going to sit here and say, “Hey! Reboots just might be okay!”


But then I learned that some idiot is remaking She’s All That and I immediately decided that I am still pissed about reboots.

I’ve never even seen the original She’s All That. I remember it being heavily parodied in Not Another Teen Movie, and my bff in middle school was pretty obsessed with the movie. But really, I never wanted to see the movie. And I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with the 21st Century appropriating my childhood every time I turn around!

Why do we need all of these reboots? Why can’t we all just watch reruns and blog about them??