A Very Special Coloring Book

I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it)! I got this in the mail today and I spent my entire evening coloring.

photo 1
yep. that’s my thumb. whoops.

There’s nothing like a little good old fashioned coloring. Most of these pages are awesome, though some of them scare me, such as the coloring page of Carrot Top and President George H. W. Bush vomiting all over the Japanese prime minister. But hey, I finally got to design my own slap bracelets! There’s a page to design your own Trapper Keeper as well, but I want to work up to that one.

photo 2
Yes, that is the shadow of my phone. I’m posting so late. It’s bed time. I have no standards.

All of your favorite TV shows are here too, Clarissa, Fresh Prince, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Full House. Let’s talk about the coloring page for Full House for a second. First off, I’ve taken some liberties with the house painting largely due to the fact that the house is kind of a boring color. I also wanted to use my brand new watercolor pencils that my boyfriend gave me for our anniversary. These watercolor pencils sort of remind me of those paint books you could get as a kid where you took a wet brush and the color would just like automatically appear. But this is way cooler because you get to pick the colors and put them where you want them. Anyway, suffice it to say you should pretend the Tanner’s live in Haight-Ashbury and not Alamo Square.

photo 3
As you can see, I have not colored in any of the people in this picture. That’s partially because I got sleepy, but also because I am confused as to who the people in this picture are. They cannot be The Tanners. They do not look like the Tanners. Michelle is like as tall as that doorway and everyone takes up an entire row house window. The best part of this depiction is that doppleganger Michelle is lurking around the side of the house, but who could that possible be in the bottom right window? Aunt Becky? No, it has to be one of the six original cast. DJ!? Is that DJ? No way! I mistook the girl on the left for Kimmy, but I believe it’s actually supposed to be Steph. And what is going on with Uncle Jesse’s hair?? That’s not his full wavy locks! That some reject style from The Backstreet Boys. And the only distinction between Danny and Joey is that Joey looks slightly lamer and is grouped with Uncle Jesse. ugh. Oh well, it’s not like I could draw those people either.

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