An Open Letter to Cory Matthews

An Open Letter to Cory Matthews (when he was a World War II G.I.),

I have a few questions, which I will illustrate with a series of images. First of all, where did Shawn get his late 90’s shirt in the early 40’s? He is so fashion forward, but I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less from Shawn Hunter.Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 7.37.59 PM

Secondly, it’s so cool that your mom is a riveter! But was it common practice for women to rivet with military grade machinery in their backyards? I am surprised that there were not more regulations about that, but you know: anything to help the war effort!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.30.36 PM

Finally, why are you in a trench? Are you sure that you are in the right war?

cory trench

Also, you might not want to pick up any more strange cats at school. Hopefully Salem won’t stray so far from Sabrina in the future. I think he had a pretty rough time too.Salem and Cory

I think it’s pretty crappy that you got your engagement ring for Topanga from a crackerjack box even if you are in the middle of a war zone. It’s also really weird that you asked your best friend (with whom she is totally incompatible) to marry her if you died. Don’t you think she could have found someone other than Shawn to marry? I feel like you’re really selling Topanga short, or you would just like her to be in a friend-zone marriage of convenience rather than with someone who might rival her affections for you.

cory topanga 40's proposal

Ultimately, I’m glad that you two ended up together, and that you didn’t stay with that girl in France that you only dated because you had amnesia. Also, I’m pretty sure she was like twenty years older than you, but that’s cool if you’re into that I guess. Also, Eric is super cool in the 40’s and this whole time travel situation made me realize how great it would be if he and Jack were a couple.

Eric and Jack

Sorry if this letter takes forever to get to you. I’m sending it from the 21st Century in which I am currently in a very weird mood.

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