American Kitsch

It’s day three of NaBloPoMo, and I’m going to use one of their prompts for inspiration! This prompt came from the BlogHer NaBloPoMo prompt page: Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you’d love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?

olaThis is not about a very special episode, but it’s tangentially related. This post is about music videos and fashion. When I was nineteen, I gave myself a scavenger hunt (that I totally failed at). This scavenger hunt stemmed from a random idea that I had where it would be cool to have quintessential classic music video looks in a non-costume-y way. And then I was like, “this sounds like a store that would exist in a movie.” I imagined that someone like Annie Potts in Pretty in Pink would run the sort of store and that it would be named “American Kitsch.” In my fantasy world, I could peruse the racks while the disgruntled teenagers who worked there (and felt too cool for the clothes) would hand me blue leopard print pants like Ola Ray’s in the Michael Jackson’s Thriller in my size and have “serious talks” about their “serious issues” like the cast of Empire Records.

paula lbdIn all actuality, this is probably a terrible idea for a business and I might be the only person who would want to shop at this store. But I do wish that it existed because I would love to walk into a store and get Paula Abdul’s dress from Opposites Attract. That’s just a classic L.B.D. if I ever saw one. Frankly, I don’t understand why the waited until the music video to make it clear that MC Skat Cat was a literal cat. I did not realize how opposite the two singers were until I saw the music video. I mean, who cares if one of them likes the movies and the other likes TV. All, they had to do was tell me that one of them was a cat. I would have required literally no other information to understand that they were not at all similar. Anyway, in my mind the store was called “American Kitsch” and unfortunately, I cannot tell you any of the other ideas for fashion looks because that list died with my old computer. However, the internet is a magical place and someone has made it a lot easier to find these looks for yourself (in case you don’t have time to stop into the brick and mortar American Kitsch…which wait doesn’t actually exist outside of my imagination, whoops…). Someone has even compiled a well-curated list of items to help you dress like Paula OR MC Skat Cat!

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