The Brady Bunch: Lost Locket, Found Locket

You know you’ve found a very special episode when the dialogue uses words like “you’re special” and “I feel special” in an entirely non-ironic manner. As much as I expect to watch an episode of this show and feel overwhelmed by cheese and predicability, it’s so often not the case. I don’t know why I’m surprised by this, as someone who regularly blogs about Full House. But the Brady’s are just so nice that you think hey it might be kind of fun to have a large blended family and never have a room to myself or a moment alone.


Anyways, the best part of this show is clearly Eve Plumb. She’s the kind of kid that you feel like would actually be a bummed out middle sister. And yep, that’s the episode we’re talking about here. (I guess the broken nose episode is also full of very special lessons but Marcia, Marcia, Marcia so no.) If you’re not familiar with this very special classic, Jan starts off the episode being mopey and lonely and unnoticed by her parents. She’s all bummed because Carol & Mike have taken the other girls to fun activities, and this is a gender-divided household so God-forbidden she see what her brother’s are up to.

Marcia making a snide comment to Cindy has to how it’s no mystery as to who sent the locket because only ONE boy likes Jan.

Lucky for mopey Jan, she receives a present in the mail from a secret admirer. It’s a locket. Suddenly all of the Brady’s turn into private investigators and try to get to the bottom of this message. They’re sneaking around, checking typewriter font, analyzing postmarks, and everything you could possible imagine. Things reach a fever pitch when Jan loses the necklace and everyone reenacts their exact actions at the time of the “theft.” It makes you wonder a. how much time do these adults have on their hands? and b. how could Jan possibly feel like she’s “nothing special” when 8 people are suddenly dropping everything to solve a mystery for you?

But I guess that’s the whole point as to why Alice sent her the locket in the first place (whoops 40 year old spoiler). Alice was a middle sister too and she recognizes that it’s kind of the pits, so she wanted to send Jan a present to let her know she’s special. And then it’s a really cool secret between housekeeper and ward for the rest of eternity.

Very Special Lesson: Sometimes we need a little mystery to get a little attention to remind ourselves that we’re work paying attention to. (Is that a sentence? I’ve been working like twelve hours a day since I started this new job. I refuse to proof read at this point.)

3 thoughts on “The Brady Bunch: Lost Locket, Found Locket

  1. Nice job 🙂

    Growing up, I loved Jan seasons for the first part of the show. This is one of those episodes I LOVED growing up, and now I’m like “Eh, get a life Janny.” It’s not like she didn’t have any friends she could hang out with. Maybe I say that growing up as pretty much an only child (big age gap between me and my sister), but really, by Jan’s age, I had my own group of people to hang out with.

    One thing that bugged me about this episode even back when I was a kid though is that she promised Alice she would always feel special and never take off the locket or whatever. Then it was gone. Did she give it to Tiger or something? Maybe that’s why she later had all of those middle sister issues–without her locket, she lost the power to feel special? Hmmm….

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