Melody from Hey Dude is Matilda from Zoolander

And I don’t mean she’s the same actress. Well, I know she’s the same actress.

But I’m pretty sure that Melody from Hey Dude grew up and changed her name to Matilda before becoming an investigative reporter in Zoolander. You see, I discovered all of this in a very telling scene from the “Miss Tucson” episode of Hey Dude.  This is the first time in which Melody/Matilda reveals that she was an overweight child who idolized the pretty beauty queen type.

Clearly, she trusts her dude ranch friend, Brad, enough to share this tragic past. But it’s not until she meets the love of her life, Derek Zoolander, that she reveals her history of Bulimia.

Poor Melody/Matilda! She deserves better. Hopefully, we will find out that everything worked out great for her when Zoolander 2 finally comes out. 

4 thoughts on “Melody from Hey Dude is Matilda from Zoolander

  1. I’m sorry, excuse me. Are you telling me that there are full episodes of Hey Dude on YouTube? I need confirmation of that before I delve further into this topic.

      1. Thank you very much! I know I looked them up before, a while ago and couldn’t find them. I did, however, find the adventures of Pete and Pete, which also has it in he annoying 3 part segments

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