Family Matters: Life of the Party

Laura’s friend Maxine is hosting a cool rooftop party, and some guy named Waldo has brought a bunch of mini-bottles in little compartments on the interior of his jacket like one of those guys who sold fake Rolex’s on the street in 1982. Laura tries to kick them out, but Maxine tells her to stop ruining her party. After the boys have had a few drinks, Laura is sulking by herself and giving everyone at the party some side-eye. Maxine tells her to lighten up and Laura has to admit that nothing bad has happened, so maybe she is over-reacting.

Then Urkel shows up and crashes the party. And even though he’s the lamest guy in school, he gets everyone at the party to “Do The Urkel” to a pop song called “Do The Urkel.” Like this guy has the Macarena of 1991 and somehow people are calling him uncool instead of trying to ride his coattails. I don’t get it.

Cool kid, Willie, is jealous that Urkel is commanding such a crowd without the benefit of alcohol–so he decides to get an unwitting Urkel smashed. Steve doesn’t notice the burn of the alcohol in the punch and simply assumes it’s mango flavoring. It doesn’t take long before he’s way more intoxicated than the rest of the party and everyone is laughing at him.

Then he decides to do The Urkel on the ledge of the building. He falls off and luckily catches on to another ledge at a lower level of the building. Laura’s Aunt Rachel, who is catering the party, walks across a clothing line like a tightrope in order to reach him. Then the two kids who brought the booze actually get arrested when the cops show up. I feel like we usually get a lecture or a heart to heart talk in these episodes, but nope. This is the real deal. Off to juvie!

The cool thing about this episode, is that Steve doesn’t get in trouble for drinking since he is so naive and this was really just a dangerous episode of bullying. So Carl makes him a hangover remedy and he’s so nice to him for once. Steve’s so pathetic right now, he can’t even be annoying. Oh yeah, and Steve vows never to drink again.

Very Special Lesson: Party punch is dangerous.

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