Family Matters: Like A Virgin

Harriet finds a love note that fell out of Eddie’s pants pocket and she shares it with Carl. It says “Eddie, we were foolish to wait. Last night was so special, and now I want us to share this experience as often as possible.” This is literally the worst thing I could ever think of my parents finding and reading. Even now, as an adult and non-teenage person, I would gouge my eyes out if they found a love note in my pants pocket. Well, actually I would be like “what are you doing in my pants pocket and why did you read that?”

Anyway, it turns out the the love note was in reference to Eddie supporting his girlfriend through her mother’s rehab and wasn’t a reference to anything sexual at all. But instead of just being like “Okay, son. Sorry we snooped and ready your note,” Carl asks him point blank if he’s still a virgin. (At this point Urkel has come over to the house and is now eavesdropping from the kitchen.) So Urkel totally overhears Eddie say he’s a virgin and then decides that’s information that’s totally okay to share with all of the cool guys at school. Omg. Whattt?

To be fair, he’s trying to use Eddie as an example of how you can be a “real man” and also be a virgin, but wait yeah it’s still definitely not okay to have shared that information. But then Eddie tries to lie to everyone and say he’s not a virgin. And Steve is all like no, I heard you talking to your dad! Urkel is so not even amusing in this episode, except that he does kind of have a cool ninja-towel-fight with everyone in the locker room, so I’m giving him points on that.

Then Laura and Eddie have a heart to heart about the double standard of being a virgin for females and males. And Eddie finally realizes it feels better to stand up for his choices than to hide from his “friends” or try to lie. It’s not like everyone is all like Whoops, Eddie. We were wrong. You’re really a cool dude. They pretty much continue to think he’s lame but he feels a lot better for standing by his decision.

Very Special Lesson: Hey, I think this might be like the perfect not-played-for-laughs Very Special Episode. Good job, Eddie!

2 thoughts on “Family Matters: Like A Virgin

    1. lol yeah I mean I feel like if I was a parent I would have been most concerned about my kid being the sole source of support for someone whose mom is going through rehab. Like why did they not talk to him about that??

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