The Brady Bunch: Adios, Johnny Bravo

We open the episode with the Brady’s auditioning to sing on a television show. They get the spot on the show, and–even better–they’re spotted by an agent. They’re super excited about getting representation, and Greg goes down to her office to make a deal for the group. But as it turns out, they’re only interested in Greg. It’s just like when Michael Jackson didn’t need his brothers as a kid performer, but his brothers needed him so he stuck with the band–except Greg doesn’t do that. He accepts the solo deal. The other Brady kids are devastated.

But Alice tells them that they’re kind of being jerks to Greg. The agent didn’t want the rest of them, and it’s not fair for Greg to miss out on a great opportunity just because some record agent thought he was better than the rest of them. So they apologize to Greg and wish him well. The Brady’s are such nice kids. They resolve things so quickly and so easily. Part of the deal is that Greg has to perform as “Johnny Bravo.” And Cindy promises to start his first fan club.

Meanwhile, the Brady parents freak out over Greg’s future. They want him to go to college, but they don’t want to force him. They’re hopeful for his music career, but realize it’s very hard to succeed in the business or have any kind of lasting career. But Greg ultimately decides not to go to college, and heads back to the record company.

Once there, he discovers that they’ve altered the sound of his voice (like David Cassidy in The Partridge Family, which is the entire reason the Brady kids started singing in the first place.) To make matters worse, they only picked Greg because he fit the suit. So he rips up his contract (I’m not sure this actually counts legally but oh well) and rejoins the family group. Then they sing this really great song:

Very Special Lesson: Always be wary of people who send you to wardrobe before they let you lay down tracks. Oh right, and always be true to yourself.
Also, can we talk about those palazzo pant jump suits the girls are wearing? I know they look ridiculous, but I’m also really into them and would like to own a palazzo pant jump suit.

3 thoughts on “The Brady Bunch: Adios, Johnny Bravo

  1. This has always been one of my favorites–I don’t know if it’s the singing, or the cheesy clothes or the all out 70s feel. Now, that I’m older, I think Greg should have taken the contract. Fame is fleeing at that age anyway.

    Besides, some male agent would have decided to sign Marcia and Jan eventually

    1. If he’d been Johnny Bravo for like 30 seconds he could have paid for his entire college education. And since we’re talking 1970’s college education, then he probably could have paid for Marcia, Jan, and Peter to go to college too.

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