The Baby-Sitters Club: The Babysitters and The Boysitters

s-l300Logan, as you may recall, is both Mary-Anne’s boyfriend and a BSC associate member, meaning he babysits occasionally but isn’t really in the club. When the official club members are all booked out and Logan can’t help, Mary-Anne suggests that they extend affiliate membership to more boys.

But Kristy–is shockingly into gender roles. Like, Kristy, seriously, have some self-awareness. She doesn’t want to have the boys babysit, but the rest of the group convinces her.

And then they teach the boys how to diaper baby dolls. They also pretend to be screaming/crying children who want cookies, which is weird and kinda freaking me out. Mallory even wears a bib while a boy her age attempts to feed her baby food, which she refuses. WTF. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS.

I understand most people are like worried about their kids drinking or doing drugs, but if I ever find my teenaged daughter wearing a bib while a teenaged boy tries to feed her baby food, I will lose my *$%#ing mind.

Meanwhile, Kristy follows a boy around on a trial-sitting date, with a notepad, and a judge-y face. But this boy sitter teaches the kids to make french toast right on the counter and I think that’s chill as long as he cleans up because all of those germs are getting killed in the frying pan anyway, right? I dunno…I’m not a big cooker…so please don’t take my word on food safety…but it looks like they’re having fun!

TBH these boysitters seem like fun and none of the kids are sick or injured or failing school or whatever…so it sort of seems like the BSC members are being sticks in the mud for no reason.

Some of the kids climb on the roof while Kristy is sitting, so yeah, I see how that is a problem…um but maybe you should have been WATCHING them Kristy instead of talking to only one of the children while you didn’t even know WHERE the others were.

She tries to blame the boysitter for teaching them to climb, but the little boys tell her that he didn’t let them climb on the roof. EYES AND EARS, KRISTY, EYES AND EARS. All he did was show them how to climb a tree and Claudia was all like, “it could be dangerous.”

SMH. YOU’RE KILLING ME, BSC. I don’t want to side with the males, but like they’re right. There is nothing wrong with teaching a kid to climb a tree as long as you pay attention and don’t let them climb buildings because you’re chilling and not watching out. And you know what, teenage girls know that just as much as teenage boys. So, frankly, I’m mad at this TV show for acting like having fun while still being appropriately safe is a male-centric trait.

Vindictive bitch that she is, Kristy has the boysitters take the kids to an arcade for the day, hoping they’ll fail. Oh right, child’s best interest at heart, always, Kristy? Like this was all about keeping the kids safe??

bsc-tv-10-baby-sitters-and-the-boy-sitters-38-game-centerThe two boysitters loose the kids and they panic. It’s totally heart-wrenching to watch. Honestly, I’m not sure that two BSC members could have done any better. They probably have enough experience at this point to have a better sitter:child ratio and it’s sketchy and cruel that they set less-experienced sitters up to fail.

Luckily, the BSC happens to be walking by when the kids appear unattended, so Mallory and Dawn low-key swoop in to make sure nothing bad happens. But they don’t announce their presence to the boysitters and instead hover in the periphery because they still want to be self-righteous and mean…ahhh junior high school over-developed sense of superiority…

Kristy finally confronts the boys and tells them that no one could have handled the situation. Realizing that they’ve been setup, one boy asks why Kristy let them take the kids to the arcade on a busy Saturday when she knew it would be bedlam, but the other boy interrupts him and says they wouldn’t have listened to her anyway.

I mean…but that still doesn’t really make it okay…

Oh well, they all decide to be friends.

Very Special Lesson: When hiring new employees, criticize their approaches, set them up to fail, and somehow, miraculously, they will still like you and want to work with you.

One thought on “The Baby-Sitters Club: The Babysitters and The Boysitters

  1. Holy crap, one of the DVDs I got from the Walmart bargain bin awhile back (I’m always buying movies from that thing) had a trailer for a MOVIE of this franchise! This series must have had a lot of hype.

    And (because everyone who knows me knows I have to say this)… It looks like Stand By Me.

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