Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Double, Double Toil and Trouble is a movie about two little girls who have to undo an evil spell on Halloween night. It involves a moonstone and Cloris Leachman.

Other than that, there are two very important things you should know about this movie:

  1. It’s the Olsen Twins finest work.
  2. It gives me the heebie-jebbies.

I know it’s just a kids movie but here is a list of things that still creep me out in this movie:

  1. All of the kids in the pumpkin carving contest except for Charles Pfeffer. Charles Pfeffer looks like he’s suspicious of this crap. The other kids look like they’re up to something shady. See for yourself 38 seconds into the movie’s trailer
  2. The Olsen Twins accidentally almost killing a clown because they’re witches and they don’t know it. (See also: the clip above)
  3. Scary Cloris Leachman dressed in black. Thank God for Cloris Leachman dressed in white or we would never make it through this movie
  4. The sallowness of this gravedigger’s skin. Didn’t your parents teach you not to talk to strangers, Mary-Kate & Ashley???
  5. These creepy wigs.
  6. Good Cloris Leachman being trapped in a mirror by her OWN sister! I get it. It’s hard to be a twin, but that’s some seriously evil stuff.
  7. The length of Cloris Leachman’s hair.
  8. The fact that these parents leave their seven year-old children unattended long enough for them to switch costumes with total strangers. And then they wander around with children who are not their children for several hours.
  9. The fact that they all just abandon a man with a pumpkin stuck on his head! If you see a stranger with his head stuck in a large squash, you stop and you offer assistance.
  10. This mascara hair die and that she theoretically dies her entire crown of freakishly long hair with that tiny little mascara wand. Also, she is a witch, so why is she even manually dying her hair??
  11. The creepy pig-tailed mouse-creatures the twins turn into when they attend the witches gathering.
  12. The inept cop that doesn’t take the twins’s parents seriously. “They’ve only been gone a couple of hours.” THEY’RE SEVEN!
  13. But ultimately it’s okay that it’s a terrifying movie because it’s also really sweet:

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