The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I promised my friend I would go to see his production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I’ve never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show and, aside from some scantily clad cross-dressing, I do NOT know what I’m getting myself into. I do know that we’re not allowed to throw things like they do in the movie theaters because apparently it’s rude to throw things at people.

So I decided to watch the 1975 movie in preparation…

I did not think it was possible to love Tim Curry more than I already do (which is, like, an insane amount). But this just depend my love for him. Like he’s playing a deeply unlikely character and I still like him. When he was using that electric meat cutter to keep everyone quiet at the table, I was still like “Wow, what a fun dinner party host.” And even when he served Meat Loaf (the person not the food) for dinner and then revealed to all of his guests what they had just eaten by pulling away the table cloth to reveal Meat Loaf’s corpse beneath the glass table–I was like–“But I’d still kind of like to watch this guy dance some more.” That’s a good actor.

7 thoughts on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  1. I’ve never actually watched the movie, despite it being my mother’s favorite. I don’t like how the etiquette for the live show doesn’t allow you to throw things, though. It might be “rude,” but isn’t that putting a damper on the spirit of the show? ;-P

    1. I think maybe they’re more concerned that someone would get hurt by a thrown object. But it would be cool if they could still allow some audience participation. And maybe they will! I am prepared to do the time warp from my row in the house!

      1. True, I was just joking. I know they do the same kind of thing at Barenaked Ladies concerts when they sing “If I Had a Million Dollars” where people used to throw boxes of Kraft dinner on stage and now they just collect it at the door for local food banks.

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