The Nanny: Imaginary Friend

tumblr_inline_o41ow2ppun1ttj2hz_500Grace has an imaginary friend. She’s six, but Fran’s not too worried about it and figures they can gradually ween her off her non-existent friend Imogene. She thinks with a little fun and positive real-life interactions, Grace won’t need Imogene anymore. But then Fran accidentally eats her imaginary friend (who it turns out is only one inch tall). Thankfully for modern imaginary insurance, Fran and Maxwell are almost able to revive her. But sadly, it’s too late for poor, tiny Imogene.

So there’s only one thing left to do: hold a funeral for Imogene.

Maxwell gives the eulogy and Maggie plays a very clunky version of Heart & Soul on the piano. Grace buries Imogene in a pair of Fran’s shoes. And Maxwell calls her therapist because omg what will they do now that they’ve killed her best friend???

Well, it turns out that Grace committed imaginary amicicide because she doesn’t need her imaginary friend now that her nanny is her friend. Aw, how sweet, but I feel like this kid really needs some friends her own age. Either way, I guess actual human friends are a step in the right direction.

Very Special Lesson: Play groups. They’re important.

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