Minnie Mouse Lipstick Is Too Cute for My Own Good

The title of this post was originally going to be “Minnie Mouse Lipstick Is Too Cute for Its Own Good.” But since this post is about how I wasted too much money on lipstick I now find too cute to use, then I think the original title may be inaccurate. I mean maybe this lipstick’s cuteness is actually in its best interest. I haven’t used it at all because it’s so freaking cute and thus it will live forever. Kind of like how babies are so cute so that we tolerate wiping their poo and listening to them scream really loudly. That’s how evolution works, right?

So it seems that in addition to being cute, this lipstick has also beat me evolutionarily and I’m very upset about that. I’ve also realized that I have a problem buying cute, overpriced novelty products. Like if that Misfits line of make up that Shani suggested ever becomes a real thing, then I’ll effectively become bankrupt.

Anyway, here’s the really cute Minnie Mouse lipstick that I purchased from Sephora the moment they emailed me that it had become available. (Yes, I’m that girl.) It’s been sitting on my table for a month in it’s original packaging, taunting me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.52.10 AM

But do you see how they put Minnie’s face right where you’re supposed to put your lips? What am I supposed to do, smear Minnie’s face into oblivion? I’m not a monster!! Also, I paid $15 for “Minnie’s Perfect Red Lipstick” and it turned out to be just “The Red” from the Sephora Collection that sells for $12.50 and doesn’t involve massacring a cartoon mouse face in order to use it.

5 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Lipstick Is Too Cute for My Own Good

  1. You know what you need? A second tube. That way you can use the first one with slightly less guilt and preserve the second one forever.

    But then again, I’m really terrible with money so maybe you should do the opposite of what I just suggested.

  2. Ahhh, Disney knows how to get us! I agree with Heather – two tubes, one to use and one to look at and enjoy. Or look at and enjoy Minnie and Sephora’s ‘Red’ to use while looking at Minnie!

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