Rob Thomas’s Lost Boys TV Series

Finally, a reboot I can get behind! Maybe that’s because this is more of a re-imagining than a remake, so yay! According to the Daily News, Rob Thomas will be creating an anthology series on the vampire meets eternal youth premise. Deadline reports that a seven-season series is in the works, following the Lost Boys through a decade for each season beginning with 1967’s Summer of Love. I guess that means we have a good change of meeting Edgar Frog in the third season. It also seems like we’ll get a little futuristic stuff towards the end of the run.

If you haven’t seen the original movie yet, what are you waiting for??

The only downside is this probably means it will be even longer, if ever, that we get another Veronica Mars installment. But I do love iZombie and I hope The Lost Boys is just as wonderful.


via Daily Prompt: Youth

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