Can Someone Introduce Me to JB Fletcher’s Design Team?

Hi team! I was watching an episode of Murder, She Wrote that I opted not to include in this year’s Halloweek round-up. But there was this really gorgeous prop book cover for one of Jessica’s mysteries and I simply couldn’t get it out of my head.

Also quick shoutout to the title cards in this series! Here’s the one from the episode I was watching.

I just loveeee that typeface!

Anyway, a million years ago when I was in college, I was the props master for some of the theater productions. My favorite prop that I ever made was an art deco book cover. Suffice it to say I’m verrrrry jealous of the Murder, She Wrote props master.

In the opening shot of “Reflections of The Mind,” we see Jessica Fletcher’s friend asleep on her bed with an open copy of The Umbrella Murders. Can you imagine how much fun it would have been to design this?

Throughout the run of the series, we’re treated to quite a few fun book covers. This tripod page (remember those???) contains a whole catalogue of Jessica’s books that were either mentioned or depicted in the show.

Here are a couple:

In this one from Cinematic Literature, we even get to see Jessica’s author photo. This book is featured in the first season episode “Lovers and Other Killers.” Any other Nancy Drew fans getting some “Dancing Puppet” vibes from this?
Here’s another cover from the Murder He Watched blog. This cover is also from a first season episode: “We’re Off to Kill the Wizard.”

If you can’t get enough of the Murder, She Wrote typeface, you can get our own journal with the look from MissKayleenMarie on Redbubble.

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