Clarissa Darling: A Style Guide

No 90’s kid was a fashionable as Clarissa Darling, the title character from Nickelodeon’s iconic Clarissa Explains it All.
Clarissa was all about bold accent colors with a little black mixed in.Clarissa Darling: A Style Guide Part III

Civil beach shirt

Pleated pants

Sophia Webster high heel sandals
$585 –

Or adding a pop of color to an otherwise black and white outfit. Extra points, for successfully mixing prints.
Clarissa Darling: A Style Guide Part II
Perhaps, most importantly she knew how to be comfortable and relaxed without looking bland or boring. She’s basically the anti-“normcore.”Clarissa Darling: A Style Guide Part I

Rainbow shirt
$23 –

$655 –

Teenage Mutant Ninja Christmas

I am not popular on Polyvore. I”m just not. I accept that. I think it partially has something to do with the fact that my “fashion” sets are largely inspired by Full House whereas most people make lovely on-trend collages. But um this post below got no likes. And likes on Polyvore are hearts. So no one “heart”-ed this. Sometimes, I get no hearts and I don’t care. But I think that this ninja turtle Christmas sweater is the best thing ever. I mean what’s not to love? I even included cookies and cozy socks! This situation would pretty much be my ideal Christmas. A Ninja Turtle Christmas

J Brand jeans
$345 –

Brooks Brothers crew socks

NYX nail polish

Beauty School Drop Out

I spent most of elementary school obsessed with Grease. I failed to understand like 75% of the dialogue, but I stilled loved it. In fact, I’m probably stilled obsessed but now I avoid Grease. Why do I avoid something I so clearly love? Because I. CANNOT. HANDLE. IT. I want to be in that movie so badly that like I get overly excited/jealous/sing-a-long crazy to the point that I am running around like a Jack Russell Terrier puppy and I just don’t have it in my hear to put myself through that again. I hear it’s streaming on Netflix, but I haven’t worked up the courage to press play. On another note, I love that pastel temporary hair colors are in style. Frenchie totally did that first. Beauty School Drop Out

Moschino jacket

Circle skirt
$60 –


Baldinini zip boots


Moisturizing lipstick
$6.31 –


Denise Huxtable Fashion Icon

So it has come to my attention that it’s #tbt on Polyvore (and every other place on the Internet), but the cool part is that today’s theme is fashion inspired by The Cosby Show. While my first instinct was to go with Theo in the yellow shirt, I felt that Denise had the more modern-options. Denise

Kiss The Sky pink shirt
$40 –


Brown pants
$16 –

Ankle boots

Modern American Girl Looks

Two posts in one day?! I know it’s nuts. What’s the reason for this double-header you might ask? Well, I want to try this “write for ten minutes only” thing and see how far I get. So here I go!

First of all, I have been on a Polyvore binge for the past 24 hours. It’s so fun omg! I can’t afford all of these clothes, but I can throw together some outfits for free! Woo!

So today’s inspiration is the original 5 American Girl Dolls, a.k.a best dolls of the 90’s. I know maybe the “original” dolls depend on when you grew up or whatever, but my version of the American Girl Dolls is clearly the correct version. [Insert self-centered Millennial joke here]. Oh well, what do I care? I’m too busy shouldering the burden of an advanced degree and a slowly (ever so slowly) recovering economy, so I hereby name myself the ultimate authority of American Girl Doll history for the next five minutes on The Very Special Blog.

So the best part of these dolls is that they all come with a series of books. And each series has a lesson book. As you may know, we sure do love to learn lessons on this blog!

Very Special Lesson: It’s hard to chose between your dad, who is a patriot,and your bff, who is a loyalist, especially when you’re in school to learn how to properly serve tea!
Very Special Lesson: Sometimes Pioneers had to keep secret friendships with indigenous tribes. Also, it’s hard to go to school in the U.S. when you only speak Swedish.
Very Special Lesson: You’ve just escaped slavery! Now you have to decide who your true friends are: The girl who just wants to hang out, or the rich popular girl who makes you feel cool. Come on, Addy, you know the right choice here.
Very Special Lesson: Income inequality sucks, especially when it means your servant girl is illiterate. Also, child labor is not a great idea.
Very Special Lesson: Spies are cool for WWII, but it is not cool to be a spy if you are trying to cheat on your school project.