Beauty School Drop Out

I spent most of elementary school obsessed with Grease. I failed to understand like 75% of the dialogue, but I stilled loved it. In fact, I’m probably stilled obsessed but now I avoid Grease. Why do I avoid something I so clearly love? Because I. CANNOT. HANDLE. IT. I want to be in that movie so badly that like I get overly excited/jealous/sing-a-long crazy to the point that I am running around like a Jack Russell Terrier puppy and I just don’t have it in my hear to put myself through that again. I hear it’s streaming on Netflix, but I haven’t worked up the courage to press play. On another note, I love that pastel temporary hair colors are in style. Frenchie totally did that first. Beauty School Drop Out

Moschino jacket

Circle skirt
$60 –


Baldinini zip boots


Moisturizing lipstick
$6.31 –


2 thoughts on “Beauty School Drop Out

  1. It is funny you speak of this today because last night I spotted an ad for Grease here on one of our local channels and the tag line was “All the songs you love” – and I thought, does that mean they don’t play the ones I didn’t love?

    Beauty School Dropout was one that I didn’t love very much and usually fast forwarded through because it wasn’t sung by one of the cast and I had no idea who the guy singing was, though I gather he is someone famous in the US – I know now it was Frankie Avalon.

    Even so, I love Didi Conn, and I love her look.

    The other song was “There are worse things I could do” by Stockard Channing – I have grown to love her over the years and now I fast forward neither of these songs, I like them, but I still do not “love” them like I do all the other songs.

    So, that is all very fascinatory, no? 🙂 Just look what your post made fall out of me as I was passing by in the feed reader.

    1. Frankie Avalon was in a lot of “beach party” movies in the early 60’s. They were basically just fun movies without much plot. He was a teen heart throb, so it makes sense that he would be Frenchie’s teen angle, but it’s a little anachronistic since Grease supposedly took place in the late 50’s. Well, I mean Frankie Avalon is also like 40 years old instead of 20…so you have to use your imagination a little.

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