Denise Huxtable Fashion Icon

So it has come to my attention that it’s #tbt on Polyvore (and every other place on the Internet), but the cool part is that today’s theme is fashion inspired by The Cosby Show. While my first instinct was to go with Theo in the yellow shirt, I felt that Denise had the more modern-options. Denise

Kiss The Sky pink shirt
$40 –


Brown pants
$16 –

Ankle boots

4 thoughts on “Denise Huxtable Fashion Icon

  1. My favorite part of Denise’s style was her headbands. I loved it when she had short hair and went all out turban.

    1. Yes, that was an awesome look! The headband in this set is not worthy of her headbands, but Polyvore was way more limited than Denise’s closet. I loved the beginning of the series when she rocked the pastels and sweaters that rivaled her dad’s. I also love her boho step-mom phase too (which was the inspiration for this).

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