One Lovely Blog Award

JH Mae has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. THANKS, JH MAE!! I’m supposed to share 7 “unknown” facts about myself and then nominate some of my favorite blogs to do the same.

  1. I have a weakness for office supplies. I want to have a shopping spree at Staples. This love of office supplies is so intense that it carriers over to a love of office work. I don’t mind paperwork. I have always enjoyed filing. I would love to stamp all of your envelopes with the return address stamp. I like using the postage machine. I will pretend to be bothered if you try to manipulate me into metering mail for you, but it’s a lie. I like to do it.
  2. I’d like to host a radio show, but I probably talk to fast for you to understand me. I think I could work on a cool disc jokey announcer voice though. You’d have to be down to listen to some Rolling Stones and Fine Young Cannibals though, and I’m not sure that’s the same crowd. I would make sure to have really cool prizes for the contests though.
  3. A camel once imprinted on me in the span of like 20 minutes. I went to Australia when I was eleven and we were outside listening to some sort of presentation out on a farm in Alice Springs, and I encountered a camel who was being weaned. There were like 30 other people there and this camel decided that I should be his new mom. It was okay for the first two minutes when my mom was like “omg -” and then I was sort of overwhelmed by it and like, “Mom, I can’t be his mom! What is happening? I am a person not a camel!” I found the whole thing very distressing and I felt an odd sense of responsibility. It’s funny now to think I felt genuine emotional pressure from this camel.
  4. I can play only one song on the piano. I took piano for eight years as a child, so this is pretty shameful. But I can play Dream by the Everly Brothers. This may be largely due to the fact that this is the one song I enjoyed playing. It’s been years, since I have been near a piano, so it’s possible that this fact is no longer true.
  5. I guess this goes along with the office supply thing, but I have a mild obsession with carbon paper. I wish we used it on a more frequent basis even though I know computers are more efficient and green and so on, but carbon paper is still like magic to me. I found a waitress’s check pad at a dime store in high school and I had to purchase it due to the abundance of carbon paper it provided.
  6. I recently stopped drinking coffee entirely. This is in sharp contrast to my post in defense of Jesse Spano’s caffeine addiction, I know, but I detoxed while recovering from a stomach bug and I realized that black tea makes me feel better than coffee. So while I am not entirely caffeine free, I have switched to less-caffeine, but I think really the less acidity is the best part. And also I feel sort of like a Mellow Zen Earth Mother. And by that I mean I feel less anxious and dehydrated.
  7. I hate to cook so much that I will eat pretty much anything I can find in order to not cook. If you’re interested in an a three course meal of carrots & humus, a cold cut and provolone cheese platter with crackers, and yogurt mixed with granola and blueberries served on my coffee table for dinner, then I’m your girl.

And now for my nominees! You don’t have to participate, and you might not even know me. If so, whoops, then reading these random facts is a weird way to meet me. Anyhow, I enjoy reading your blog, so I’m nominating this award.

(in no particular order)
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Lisa Listed


3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. That’s so funny about office supplies and office work. I’m glad someone likes it! I worked in an office for three years doing the very things you described, and I hated it, but I think it had more to do with the environment than the work. That aside, I, too, love office supplies! Especially pens and notebooks – I could buy them by the bucketload.

    It was nice learning some things about you, too! Does that camel ever write asking for money? 🙂

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