Happy National Cat Day!

Today is National Cat Day! Let’s celebrate by remembering some of the best (most evil) cats on television!

Stinky from Doug

stinky the cat
Stinky was Roger’s overly aggressive cat. Fun fact, she turned out to be a girl when she had kittens!

Dr. Claw’s Cat from Inspector Gadget

dr claw cat
I don’t think this little guy even got a name. Oh well, he was super evil.

Fat Cat from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

fat cat
This is one of the greatest Disney shows of all time. Fat Cat was such a cunning cat that he ran an entire crime syndicate. But the again his greatest adversaries were a couple of chipmunks…a large cat probably should have been able to handle that…

Oh and Salem, duh. Let’s not forget that the entire reason he became a cat was based on the fact that he was pretty evil and wanted world domination.


3 thoughts on “Happy National Cat Day!

      1. Azrael is straight up evil, you are right. I wonder how she would be without Gargamel and his evil plans.

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