Full House: Aftershocks

Do you think this is MK or Ashley?
Do you think this is MK or Ashley?

Aside from the opening credits and the fact that Danny Tanner is the host of “Wake up, San Francisco” you could pretty much forget that Full House took place anywhere other than a studio lot. But this episode really incorporates the Northern California setting because there has been an (off camera) earthquake.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.12.32 PMStephanie is totally traumatized from the aforementioned (off camera) earthquake and refuses to leave her dad’s side. Danny’s too flattered by all of the attention to realize that she has turned into a total nutcase. He only realizes that she has a (very mild) case of PTSD when she freaks out and won’t let him go to a business dinner. During a (very detailed) game of (product placement) Barrel of Monkeys, Danny pulls Stephanie aside to discuss her separation anxiety. She insists that nothing is wrong, and Danny feels like he’s the worst dad ever because he does not know how to help her.

In the last five minutes of the show, he decides to take her to a therapist. The therapist has her draw a picture of her family, and Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.22.23 PMStephanie also includes a gigantic crack in the middle of their house (from the earthquake). She also drew Danny outside of the house because he was late getting home on the day of the earthquake. Then, with a series of leading questions, the therapist determines that Stephanie has been anxious since the earthquake because she does not know where her dad is when he runs late getting home from work. She decides they should make a list of all of the things that Stephanie and Danny can do, so that she will not worry when he is away. She proceeds to tell them both exactly how to behave, while Stephanie eagerly writes down everything she says.

Obviously, everything is fine now because Stephanie had a really great conversation with a mental health professional for all of five minutes. And no. This has nothing to do with the fact that her mom died suddenly at the beginning of this show. We don’t talk about that (unless John Stamos wants to talk about that).

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.07.23 PMAlso, in this episode: DJ gets her first zit and decides that the best coping mechanism is to dress like Cousin It.

Very Special Lesson: You can solve all of your big problems by drawing one picture. Hurry, go buy the 64 pack of Crayolas (with sharpener). It’s the secret to life!

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