Theme Songs Performed by Actors

I was getting ready to draft a post about another 21 Jump Street episode when I was like “hold up, someone needs to give a major shout out to Holly Robinson Peete for not only starring as the incomparable Officer Judy Hoffs, but also for singing this bitchin’ theme song.” Then I proceeded to stop what I was doing and rock out to that awesome theme song, featuring Peter Deluise and Johnny Depp on backup vocals. I didn’t draft that post and instead I’m writing this post about people who starred in and sang their show’s theme song. I’ve excluded the obvious like The Brady Bunch, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, etc.

21 Jump Street performed by Holly Robinson Peete (Office Judy Hoffs)

The Facts of Life, Season 1 performed by Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Garett) 

Fraiser performed by Kelsey Grammer

Green Acres by Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor

Baywatch, closing credits, performed by David Haselhoff (that lead lifeguard, right? did they have characters?)

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