A Very Thankful Blog

Hello Readers! We are nearing that MOST very special time of the year: THE HOLIDAYS! Are you ready? I for one think that the holidays can be stressful (sometimes down right depressing) as much as they can be warm, cozy, happy times. But I’ll be honest, I have been looking forward to the holidays this year in particular because there are so many holiday specials, abut which I simply cannot wait to wax sardonic. That being said, I have noticed that we seem to be living in a world that now begins Christmas immediately following Halloween, totally usurping my long-standing favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Well, this shall not be in the case on The Very Special Blog! From now until Thanksgiving (which is obviously not far away) I will be exclusively covering Thanksgiving episodes! So start buying your green bean casserole ingredients and stay tuned for some heartfelt lessons about geing grateful. Oh, and thank you for letting me share my loving criticisms with you over the past several months! charlie brown thanksgiving

2 thoughts on “A Very Thankful Blog

  1. My Very Special Comment – The Peanuts Gang and I are proud of you for keeping us to a natural pace of life! I look forward to experiencing ONLY Thanksgiving at Thanksgiving Time and hearing very special lessons delivered with your incredible wit and sardonic sense of humor.

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