Throw Back Thursday!

How could The Very Special Blog have a Throwback Thursday when this block throws it back everyday? Well, I may a bit behind here, but I recently discovered a website that makes any website look like a Geocities page. Here’s a screen shot of The VSB Geocities-Style:

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 6.44.20 PM

Check out the full website here and see what your blog would look like in all of this ridiculousness.

Also please continue to vote for the Very Special Disney Episode Showdown Winner! There’s currently a tie in the Vacation Attire category! I’ll make the official announcement later today. I know you’re all just dying to find out! Unless, you’re still too pissed about The Golden Girls.

4 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday!

  1. Ack! Using that website made my current blog look like an eyesore. Although, it did look pretty close to my first actual Geocities page. All Geocities pages I ever created, really… but I guess that is the point. 🙂

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