Very Special Mixtape

OMG I have never been more excited for a daily prompt. This one requires me to make a mix tape, you guys!! So I will now proceed with making The Very Special Blog it’s very own mixtape to represent its vibe to the masses. Well, actually I’m just going to take this opportunity to share some YouTube videos of ridiculous fictional bands in television. It’s Wednesday and I’m needing a good laugh to make it through the rest of the week. So I’m making you this mixtape of hilarity and I hope you enjoy it.

When Nick wrote a weird song for Lindsay on Freaks and Geeks:

That time Family Ties created a weird version The Go-Go’s:

When we got to hear Jordan Catalano play his guitar in My So Called Life (as if he could be any dreamier):

When Jesse & The Rippers clearly listened to Graceland one too many times:

The only “band” that I legit want to purchase an album from, The Beets from Doug:

Honorable Mention: Lenni’s MTV music video from Ghostwriter:

Mix Tape Masterpiece

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