Full House: Shape Up

First things first, Kimmy Gibbler is wearing an awesome jumpsuit and fanny pack combo. I’m sorry that the internet won’t provide me with a bigger picture, but all you need to know is the jump suit is bermuda short length and the fanny pack is carrying invitations for her “surprise 14th birthday party.” Even though it’s November, Kimmy will be having a pool party (indoor pool). So DJ decides to get her beach bod in action out of season.

She’s already really slim so this is ridiculous and all of these trustworthy adults in her life should have told her so immediately. Instead, Rebecca gives her advice on eating chicken without the skin and whole wheat pasta. She’s trying to shed pounds in two weeks, so she gets frustrated with the diet when she’s only lost half a pound after like a second. Uncle Jesse tells her it’s silly for her to be on a diet and suggest the whole family go to the gym for a workout instead. What he doesn’t realize is that DJ decides to not eat a thing for the three days leading up to their work out.

First of all, I’m amazed she even made it to the gym after not eating for three days. I would probably pass out if I went 12 hours without eating–and that’s only if I made it that long without being arrested for committing crimes while hangry. She also, unfortunately, expects results to be immediate. After overdoing it on the bike, she weighs herself only to see no change. So she decides it would be a good choice to overexert herself on the StairMaster instead. But then she gets dizzy and falls over.

Allow me to lighten this moment with an image of Michelle “working out.”

Stephanie decides to tell her Dad why DJ is a cranky, sick mess–even though she pinky swore. Major sister points to Stephanie on this one. Danny tries to tell her that she’s “headed down a dangerous road” but DJ says she doesn’t care because she has to “look good in a bathing suit”and it’s “her life.” But then Danny is like DJ these people are your friends. Why do you like your friends? And she’s all like because they’re nice and not because they look like models. OMG duh it’s what’s inside that counts! But then she says she’s going to have her dressing on the side of her salad at dinner. So I feel like this warrants a follow up conversation.

Very Special Lesson: If Danny Tanner’s your dad, you can take on and combat an eating disorder in less than a week without any major medical or psychological concerns. All you need is a good chat.

4 thoughts on “Full House: Shape Up

  1. “I would probably pass out if I went 12 hours without eating–and that’s only if I made it that long without being arrested for committing crimes while hungry.”.

    You know?!

  2. Going to the gym would be a lot more fun if I had Stephanie’s gym outfit. Matching leg warms, suspenders and scrunchie? How could it get any better?

    Also, what problem can’t be solved with a good chat in TV-land?

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