Boy Meets World: Brother Brother

Shawn and Topanga are both going away for the summer, which leaves Cory totally depressed. Meanwhile, Eric has been rejected from every single college he has applied to, and is now hoping North Southwestern San Diego State University (NSWSDSU) will accept him off the wait-list. Eric’s hoping to have some quality time with Corey before he leaves home, but Cory resents Eric for only wanting to hang out with him now that he’s leaving. He plans to pack up his room in a week and spend the entire summer road-tripping to California. Like woah. I did not have that much mobility right after I graduated from high school, but more power to you, Eric.

After a brutal cat-fight with Cory, Eric decides it would be best to leave the following day instead of the following week. Alan tries to talk him out of it, noting that he technically hasn’t been accepted to college yet. He agrees to wait one more day, so his parents can have a goodbye dinner for him. (The Matthews Family loves big deal dinners.) And Alan advises him to spend the next day figuring out what is upsetting Cory.

In the height of melodrama, Cory makes an impassioned speech at Eric’s goodbye dinner. He wishes him a nice life because he’s probably moving out forever from the room they’ve shared for fifteen years–and they don’t even know each other. Um. Okay. False. I get that you’re bummed this is happening but I’d just like to point out that Eric has been a pretty amazing brother to Cory: He’s a guest speaker in Cory’s 6th grade class, he makes Cory and Shawn a guide to high school on their first day, and earlier this season they even planned a rave together. So like Cory is just being super whiny and raining on everyone else’s parade because he’s lonely. But then again he is fifteen, so I guess that’s to be expected.

The next morning Cory says goodbye (almost tearfully) to Shawn and Topanga. Eric shows up just after they leave and finds a lonely Cory playing basketball and talking to himself. Cory apologizes to Eric about being a jerk. He also admits to stealing Eric’s college acceptance letter from the mailbox because he didn’t want him to leave. He feels like they’re finally getting to be friends (I guess the rave earlier this season was a real bonding moment) instead of being just brothers. Only, it turns out that letter is a rejection letter, and Eric has nowhere to go.

Eric admits that his expectations were a bit unrealistic, since he slacked off for all but the last few months of his high school career. But Cory encourages him to take a few classes over the summer, and apply again to an even better school. That’s still a major uphill battle for a guy who barely graduated from high school, but that’s not the point. The point is that Eric’s always been the supportive big brother for Cory (even though he’s been whining for this entire episode) and now it’s Cory’s turn to be the supportive one. That’s the first time in this entire 30-minute bitch-fest that Cory has actually demonstrated the kind of friendship that he demands from Eric. Omg. The feels. I think I’m going to cry. But seriously, what other hilarious sitcom is also this real in terms of human emotion. Certainly NOT Girl Meets World. New Theory: Boy Meets World  is Cheers for the children of the 90’s. It’s all fun and games and harassment until you really need someone and they’re surprisingly deep.

Then Eric decides that Cory should come on his road trip with him and Amy and Alan bankroll the entire thing because they’re going to look at colleges across America. Like as a potential-one-day-maybe-parent I’m a little freaked out by the idea of an eighteen year-old and a fifteen year-old crossing America alone together in the days before cell phones, but if my kids were Eric and Cory, I’d like to think I’d be open to it.

Very Special Lesson: THIS ENTIRE SHOW IS A VERY SPECIAL LESSON YOU GUYS! (I think work stress is making me more emotional about television than I should be BUT MY FEELINGS ARE REAL!)

2 thoughts on “Boy Meets World: Brother Brother

  1. I really like Cory/Eric moments, let alone episodes, so this is one of my faves. They’re real (even when the storyline is not). It was interesting watching the dynamic of their relationship. My only complaint is that I wish they hadn’t made Eric into a complete and utter moron. Cute but stupid worked best, but he started to reach levels of annoying with how dumb they made him later in the seasons.

    Girl Meets World…so bad. So bad. I gave up on that with a quickness. They’re not even trying with that show.

    1. Yeah. Cory and Eric were the best. I still liked Eric even when he was an idiot but the continuity sucked. Girl Meets World actually did a good job I reconciling that one aspect but I do hate that show overall.

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