Happy Halloweek 2015!

Hello, Very Special Readers! That spooky time of year is upon us once more. Tonight, I will be living a private horror of my own, as I begrudgingly attend an office party. It’s one of those things you’re “invited” to but it’s a tacit mandatory attendance kind of thing.

Alas, at least I have Halloweek to look forward to. Yes, that’s my very clever phrase to describe 7 days of Halloween Specials. Maybe, I’ll even be brave enough to do another Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode. But don’t get your hopes up. Last year I used a gif from the Stevil episode of Family Matters to announce Halloweek, but then it took me an entire year to actually gather up the courage to watch it.

Yes, I am.

I’m still trying to recover from my recent viewing of Scream, so I’ll probably stay away from the really scary stuff. But I can promise you Boy Meets World. And maybe the Baby-Sitters Club. Ahhh, I’m giving myself away! Okay, bye! No more updates so you’ll just have to stay tuned and read for yourself.

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