Boy Meets World: Everybody Loves Stewart

I’ve been watching The Grinder lately. It’s not the best show, but Rob Lowe is always entertaining and I’m really loving that Fred Savage is acting again! So here’s a little reminder of that time he guest starred on Boy Meets World.

This episode is weird because Fred Savage plays the “cool young professor,” Stewart, and no one notices that he looks exactly like his brother Ben Savage, a.k.a. Corey. This guy is so cool. He treats them like friends and plays pool with them after school. Everything you ever wanted in college was to chill with your professors in the student union, right?

Eric doesn’t like him. This is because Eric realizes he’s not a great teacher like their mentor, Mr. Feeney. Everyone else is too into Stewart’s suave style to realize he’s not that great. So Topanga is super relaxed when Stewart shows up at her dorm room to go over a paper. He has conveniently forgotten to bring Angela’s paper, so she leaves them all alone to discuss the “gray areas” of morality. Even when he starts using his attraction to Topanga as an example of “crossing the line,” she still seems to think he’s just an edgy educator. Then he puts his hand on her hand, which is positioned dangerously close to her crotch and things get a little intense on Boy Meets World.

But then before anything happens, he lifts up her hand and says, “See where it gets gray.” Ugh, no that wasn’t gray. That was creepy, Professor Creeper. Then he starts creepily stroking her hair. Yuck. And when she tells him to leave he says, “that’s not what you want.” Ughhhhhhhh this is not  how Kevin from The Wonder Years is supposed to behave!

Anyway, Stewart leaves without anything more gross transpiring because Corey comes to visit Topanga and interrupts them.  But Corey tracks him down at the student union once Topanga reveals how sketchy their interaction was. Then Corey kind of assaults him in the heat of the moment, which causes Stewart to fall back wards through the door to the student union. Then Stewart announces in front of everyone that Corey will be kicked out of college.
No one really knows what to do, so Topanga approaches Stewart and tells him to make sure Corey isn’t kicked out of college or she will tell the dean that he behaved inappropriately. I feel like she could bypass Stewart on this one and just go straight to the dean, but anyway she gives him this ultimatum and he tells her he’s going to tell the dean that it was the other way around and Topanga was the aggressor. Ultimate douche bag.

I’d just like to say that this is the most depressing episode of Boy Meets World ever. Fred Savage is such a douche bag. And when Topanga calls him out in the hearing the female dean tries to silence her. And then Corey interrupts and gets to speak on behalf of Topanga! Then Shawn gets a moment too! Why won’t the let Topanga speak!!

The dean does seem to figure out what’s up though because she only suspends Corey for one day. Then she tells he awful Stewart he isn’t a teacher. She doesn’t fire him, but she makes it clear she’s going to keep an eye on him. But like. I feel like she should have fired him. Or at least suspended him pending some sort of investigation. Ugh, I’m just going to go back to watching The Grinder where Fred Savage is not an asshole.

Very Special Lesson: If someone you know gets creeped on major then let that person tell you how to respond. I’m disturbed that no one let Topanga have a say in this.

4 thoughts on “Boy Meets World: Everybody Loves Stewart

  1. I watched this episode after having watched Lifetime’s No One Would Tell. That ruined FS for me. I never really watched The Wonder Years so it was like The Mouse and the Motorcycle straight to DJ Tanner domestic violence.

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