Happy Days: Haunted

arnoldsEvery year Ralph has a Halloween party and every year a gang called The Demons crashes it and destroy it. So this year he’s decided to have it at a creepy old house where The Demons will never find him. He sends Richie to check out the house and make sure that it is spooky enough for the party.

On his way home from taking Joanie to a “Chipmunks” meeting (which I guess is kind of like “Brownies”), Richie stops to check out the house. Joanie has heard plenty of stories about people getting their heads chopped off in that house, but she reluctantly follows Richie in when he refuses to leave her outside by herself. When a painting falls off of the wall above the mantel, Joanie flees to the porch. Alone in the house, Richie thinks he sees a headless body. He confides in his father when he gets home, but Howard tells him that it must be his mind playing tricks on him.

Uh okay. You don’t even want to maybe call the police? Just in case?

qk4epya8hwxbazsf9ggbckhifdoWhen the time comes for the party, Richard is all freaked out about a potential ghost. Dude, if you find a headless body in an abandoned house, you should be freaked out about a potential serial killer. But I guess the 1950’s were a more innocent time.

Richie and his date arrive at the party to find that they are the only ones there. And it is SPOOKY. But then Ralph pops out of a coffin and blows some bubble gum. Then the rest of the party pops out from behind some pocket doors.

a281Everything is fine until the lights go out later on in the night. But it’s just Ralph fooling around again. Richie calls him out on it and Ralph gets pretty pissed that Richie ruined his prank. So he goes over to talk to Potsie. He taps him on the shoulder mid-dance, so Potsie thinks he’s trying to cut-in. But Ralph just wants to talk, so Potsie tells his dance partner to go make him a sandwich. Literally. Ohhhh the 70’s/50’s.

Since they can’t just let their friend be happy dancing with his date, Potise and Ralph ask Richie to get some root beer from the closet–where of course they have rigged a headless dummy to freak him out. The whole party laughs at Richie, but when another headless figure descends the stairs and threatens to chop of their heads, they’re all legitimately frightened. Richie is the only one brave enough to confront the headless figure. And it turns out that it’s just The Demons! Ha-ha.

Very Special Halloween Lesson: Apparently, you can just spend a ton of money on a party in an abandoned house and that’s totally not considered trespassing. Also, it will probably be pretty clean and have electricity.

3 thoughts on “Happy Days: Haunted

  1. I wish some channel would pick this show up for syndication, because it was hilarious. I was introduced to it when it was syndicated on INSP channel in 2011-2012, and I watched it almost every day. There were a few episodes that they did not air on that channel because they were deemed inappropriate for the family audience that the channel was targeted towards (there were also rare points where you could tell they had blanked a cuss word once in a while, but the show didn’t have much cussing to begin with, so it wasn’t often). I do remember this particular episode though. I also remember another Halloween episode of Happy Days where Fonz had an injury or something, and he was in the hospital for Halloween. I remember Ralph and Potsie coming to visit him while dressed in their Halloween costumes. One of them was dressed as Satan, and the other was dressed as the Lone Ranger. Fonz was upset that someone other than him was dressed as his hero (I agree with him. Lone Ranger is awesome. I wish the movie they made recently had been better.), and he made him give him the mask, and then… I can’t remember the rest of the episode. One of these days, I’m going to have to get this show on DVD. I miss it so much.

    Too bad Halloween isn’t one of my favorite times of year. I don’t like the way people use it as an excuse to do so many terrible things in October. It doesn’t help that I have a phobia of being outside in the dark, because I can’t see everything that’s going on, even with a flashlight.

    I don’t even really watch horror movies (though they probably wouldn’t scare me, because movies rarely do. Usually, if there’s something scary in a movie, it just intrigues me instead). I’ve been trying to think of something that could count as a Halloween movie that I could watch. I’m already planning on watching the Disney animated “Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” (Of course, it’s implied that the supernatural elements in that film were actually just a prank, but still.) I’m also gonna watch the Charlie Brown Halloween special (which I have on VHS. VHS should really come back. DVD’s get scratched too easily.) I can’t think of anything else that’s non-horror that counts as a Halloween movie. Pooh’s Grand Adventure maybe? It’s got dark elements (and is one of the best Winnie the Pooh movies ever), but I don’t know. Maybe it’s time for me to get out the Christmas movies early and watch all twenty something versions of “Scrooge” that I own (It has ghosts, so it counts as a Halloween movie. My brother and I had this discussion yesterday.) LOL.

    Anyway, sorry for such a lengthy comment. I’m generally one chatty guy, because once I get started on a subject I know a lot about (even in spoken conversation) I just won’t shut up. Okay I’ll stop now.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Woah, I NEVER heard any cussing in Happy Days, but I don’t think I heard any covered up words either. Guess I didn’t listen closely enough. Hocus Pocus is a great non-horror Halloween movie. But Charlie Brown is always a solid choice, of course.

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