Fuller House Season Two, SMH

Ugh, okay America. Somehow you loved Fuller House enough to warrant a Season 2. Apparently, I missed the memo. Somehow, this show was a hit. While I pride myself on an in-depth knowledge of nostalgia, even I will never understand this. But I do have some notes. I’m sure Season 2 is in the can (it premieres December 10th if you’re so inclined), but here’s what I’m thinking would help:

      1. Let Jodi Sweetin dance. Just Jodi Sweetin. Not you other people who can’t really dance but somehow decided that appropriating Indian culture was a great way to give it a shot. Like PLEASE drop the stupid DJ storyline and just let her be a dancer.
      2. Bring back “Feedback”. You made us listen to “Jesse and the Rippers” saccharine single “Forever.” But I’d actually rather hear “Shout” any day of the week. Also, you can totally skip bringing back Scott Baio. Just recast him like you did Nelson.
      3. Leave the Olsen Twins alone. Those awkward jokes about their absences were some of the most painful moments in an already painful show.
      4. Get rid of Steve because you turned him into a creepy obsessive person. Also, the new guy is way cuter.
      5. Involve the original cast of older actors as much as possible even though they are probably busy with other projects. Seriously, if this means a lot of Dave Coulier, I’m actually okay with that. The older actors are the biggest talents on that show. It’s not that the younger actors are bad, but I don’t feel like they are doing a good job of carrying this on their own. They do also have horrible, horrible scripts to work with even by Full House standards, so who knows.
      6. Make Kimmy Gibbler the lead and give her all of the plotlines. Like I seriously do not care who DJ Tanner-Fuller is dating. I’m so bored. I’d rather just watch the lady who is cool enough to own a bacon and eggs scarf. Also, this is a great opportunity to bring back “Girl Talk,” which OBVIOUSLY would be more interesting than anything they produced last season.

But clearly we’ve established that I’m in the minority of thinking this show is crap. You do you, America. I just don’t get it.

7 thoughts on “Fuller House Season Two, SMH

  1. In the first episode of Fuller House, I was waiting for Danny Tanner to tell Steph to put a sweater on. I couldn’t stop looking at her boobs and it made me uncomfortable that her dad could see them too. Not that I am into boobs but damn cover up girl.

    1. I don’t really have a problem with her outfits except that they seem kind of oddly placed for her surroundings. Like I don’t think even a “cool DJ” would literally be dressed for a club at all times. But I’m more uncomfortable with the fact that Jodie Sweetin is in recovery and yet they have her chugging “alcohol” all the time. I mean I guess if she IS an actress so that’s her prerogative, but Stephanie chugged a glass of champagne and I totally cringed.

  2. My overall reaction to this show was “eh, it was okay.” In other words, I’ll watch it if there are other people in the house watching it, but It’s not going down as one of the shows I really like.

    And yes, the Olsen twin jokes were lame. I understand the need to avoid “Chuck Cunningham Sydrome,” but at least don’t be crazy about it! We just need ONE passing reference to it, and not focus too much on it, much less turn it into a joke. Ugh.

    My brother and I used to watch the original Full House on the days off from school when they showed reruns on ABC Family (actually, we were only initially interested in it because it had “the girls from It Takes Two,” which, let’s admit it, was a rip-off of “Lottie and Lisa,” albeit a pretty good one). We enjoyed it a lot. It was hilarious. But Fuller House? The episodes varied in whether we liked them or not. It was a clear cash-in on the original show’s popularity. Not as funny, and it just doesn’t have the heart from the original.

    1. Apparently, it was super popular. I don’t understand it either! I’ve never heard of Lottie and Lisa, but I remember It Takes Too being very popular when it came out. I don’t think the Olsen Twins are very good actresses (though I will say that I enjoyed Mary-Kate on Weeds). I don’t blame them not wanting to be involved. They were too little to even decide for themselves when the original show started, so I wish everyone would chill out and just give them a break. I agree that a couple passing references would have been fine, but the writers have beat that horse to death.

      1. Lottie and Lisa is the book that The Parent Trap is based on. If you watch the opening credits of the Haylie Mills version, it says, “based on ‘Das Doppelte Lottchen’ by Erich Kästner.” It’s a German book, and liberal translation of the title is “The Double Lottie,” but most English translations call it either “Lottie and Lisa,” or “Lisa and Lottie.” And it is very difficult to find a copy in English. I had to do an “inner library loan” in order to find a copy that I could read, but it was worth it.

        Yes, I’m a big nerd. I have conversations with people, and they are like, “Hold on, Parent Trap is a book? Wizard of Oz is a book? Freaky Friday is a book?” I get comments like that all the time. I’ve got a whole blog about the old Pre-Disney versions of fairy tales (Brothers Grimm and everything). Heh heh.

      2. Ohhh okay I did know about Freaky Friday. I read that one in elementary school. And of course Wizard of Oz, but I really had no idea The Parent Trap was based on a book! So cool!!

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