Today I am thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving, Very Special Readers! I slacked off this year and I didn’t post any Thanksgiving episodes. But it is still my very favorite holiday! 

It’s a holiday with troubling origins (to say the least) but I am thankful for the modern version of the day, which I think of as a moment to pause and reflect on the year with gratitude. 

This year has been difficult for many of us, personally and globally. But today I am thankful for the delicious home cooked meal that I didn’t have to prepare. (This is a win-win for people who also don’t want to eat anything I’ve cooked.) 

I am thankful that Thanksgiving is always on a work day and always makes us take a break in the middle of 24/7 digital chaos. 

I am thankful for the Murder, She Wrote marathon that I’m watching in my pjs with a mug full of hot tea that my mom prepared. (I have the best mom. Oh, you thought you had the best mom? Nope, sorry.) 

I am thankful for the rescue dog sitting next to me and thankful that he hasn’t bitten me. (I will continue to narrate all of my actions so I don’t scare him. This means that the dog has a lot of knowledge of my bathroom habits now that I tell him every time I have to get up to pee.) 

And I am thankful for YOU! I’m thankful that other people have watched as much crap tv as I have and like it enough to want to chat about it on the internet. I am thankful that you let me tell you about all of then silly pop culture things that I think are the best things ever OMG (stay tuned for some stuff on beer and puppets, by the way). And I am thankful that every time I feel swamped, bored, or bummed out, I get to read your comments. I hope I make you laugh and I hope you know you make me laugh too! 

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