A Very Special Holiday Season: Reader’s Choice!

Hi Very Special Readers!

The Very Special Holiday Season is upon us again and this year I wanted to try something a little different. I want YOU to pick the shows you’d like to read about this year! Please use the poll below to cast your votes.

Some things to note:
-You can for as for or as many or as few episodes as you would like
-You can vote as frequently as you would like*
-The 10 shows with the most votes will appear on The Very Special Blog from December 15th through December 24th

*I’m pulling results on December 10th at 12 pm CST, so if you vote after that then it won’t count. But up until that point feel free to vote incessantly for The Golden Girls [or any other show, I’m just fully expecting some of you to vote numerous times for The Golden Girls 🙂 ]

3 thoughts on “A Very Special Holiday Season: Reader’s Choice!

  1. Now, from reading the list, I have the “Fresh Prince” theme song stuck in my head. LOL!

    Guess that’s where my vote is going!

    I guess now that Thanksgiving is over, I can officially doing Christmasy things without getting stared at. Time for me to read “The Nutcracker!” (and watch a hundred-something versions of the ballet, which pales in comparison to the original novella).

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