The Baby-Sitters Club: Jessi and the Mystery of the Stolen Secrets

Jessi learned sign language so she could communicate with a kid she sits for. First of all, that level of dedication is amazing. Secondly, I’m just flat our impressed.

She’s also babysitting for a top-secret charge. He’s a big star in HOLLYWOOD but he’s from Stoney Brook. The only people who know he’s in town are the people in the BSC. And they would NEVER EVER gossip!!!

So when a bunch of reporters show up at his house, the only logical conclusion is that someone is SPYING ON THE BSC.

Kristy calls an emergency meeting of the BSC. How many emergency meetings have we had in this club? What do you think an emergency is, Kristy?!?

spyingAfter searching Claudia’s bedroom for a bug, like normal-average paranoid teenagers, they realize that they’ve all been super careless with the BSC notebook – a binder where they write down everything that’s going on with the kids, so they’re all informed when they switch sitters. Most of the members admit to leaving the kids alone with the notebook, where they could have easily read it.

Jessi demands they do something because the famous kids mom thinks that she cannot be trusted…and it’s like well YEAH…you cannot be trusted. You wrote down the whereabouts of a famous child and then left that information unattended in a library where the kid you were with or any other person could have happened upon it.

Kristy is stressing because the business implications are BAD. So Dawn suggests that they leave the notebook out on a table in the library and see who reads it.

Oh…okay so you’re just going to leave a book open in a library and then accuse whoever happens to read it of being a spy?? Geez. Like. Where are the adults? Why are they letting these teenage girls get so weird and obsessive about babysitting. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

They leave this notebook out for all of the kids to see, and they tell them that it’s all super private. They’re like we write all about the kids we sit for in it, even you, and you can’t see it. SO DUH THE KIDS GET PISSED. [The simple days before social media.] And then the parents get pissed.

So then the BSC has to go around explaining to everyone that it’s a private, confidential notebook that is only meant to help them be more effective babysitters. And like who wouldn’t want a fourteen year old keeping case notes on their kid?

bsc-tv-9-jessi-and-the-mystery-of-the-stolen-secrets-13-jessi-matt-phoneBut during the meeting with the kids, they realize that the deaf child can actually read lips. So he didn’t realize when Jessi was talking on the phone that it was a secret because she just assumed he couldn’t understand and didn’t take any extra care to conceal her conversation from him.

Very Special Lesson: I mean, don’t you think it would have been important to tell your child’s babysitter that he was learning to lip read?


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