Just What 2020 Needed: More KFC Erotica!

A few years ago, KFC released a special for Mother’s Day romance novella featuring none other than Colonel Sanders. Well, it looks like Lifetime is running with that idea and airing a mini-movie with Mario Lopez this Sunday!

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the novella that started the whole “Col. Sanders is a hottie” craze, they’re no longer available. But it doesn’t look like you missed out on much anyway. Here’s hoping the mini-movie is better or at least better at being bad.

6 thoughts on “Just What 2020 Needed: More KFC Erotica!

  1. And where in this newfound “Fast Food Erotica” will we hear the tagline “Finger-lickin’ good”? The beginning, middle, or end? I’m guessing it’ll be the last line said before Mario Lopez winks at the camera and the credits roll.

      1. It’s ok to be terrified, VSB. I am too, but I think the awkwardness will be worth it when they finally get around to eroticizing Ronald McDonald or Chuck E. Cheese.

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