Summer of Swayze: Road House

I like Road House. I think there’s something here for everyone. In fact, allow me to quote myself from 2015: “I feel like this movie is kind of like Footloose but with violence instead of dancing. It’s like a cool dude goes to a weird little town and makes life better.” Expanding upon that during my second watch of the film I’d also add that it has elements of Dirty Dancing, mostly because Patrick Swayze seduced his love interest in each film with a slow dance to “These Arms Of Mine.”

Here’s the trailer which tells you absolutely everything you need to know about the plot — as in — the entire plot:

The film’s soundtrack is largely provided by The Jeff Healey Band. But Patrick Swayze has a writing credit for one of the two songs he performs for the film’s soundtrack:

And here’s the song he didn’t write but also performs, which I think suits his voice better:

According to Fast-Rewind, Patrick Swayze said the following about his decision to take the role of Dalton: “The reason I did Roadhouse, which the guys love, was because I wanted people to see … one time … the level of fight skills that I’ve developed though being a martial artist and a weapons expert since I was real little,” Swayze says. “We did all those fights full contact, except for the face.”

As much as I appreciate Swayze’s dancing and, yes, skating. Road House gave me a new appreciation for his physical acting abilities. Other than that, I’m not really sure what to say about the movie because it is a visual experience. And honestly, it’s really nice to see one ripped and chill white dude take on a bunch of angry white dudes and put them in their place. Also, I really like that his love interest is a doctor because literally everyone else in the movie is obsessed with violence. So. Yeah. It’s a little on the nose. But I still like it.

Stay tuned next week for (maybe my favorite Patrick Swayze movie), Ghost.

One thought on “Summer of Swayze: Road House

  1. Versatile actor. Agree: it’s really nice to see one ripped and chill white dude take on a bunch of angry white dudes and put them in their place.

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