Girl Meets World: Matthew Lawrence Returns

It’s semi-formal time at John Quincy Adams Middle School. For whatever reason “The School Board” sends over an etiquette video from the 1950’s for Corey to show the kids. I’m 99% sure the narration for this video is voiced by Will Friedle. Anyway, Corey’s kid freaks out because her (unofficial?) boyfriend hasn’t asked her to the dance. And I don’t really care. I’m writing about this episode because the biggest dream-boat to ever grace our screens as a Boy Meets World cast member is making a return appearance in this episode.

Eric is in town to meet with a sleazy big business guy .who is going to try to buy his vote. He’s a senator now, by the way. It turns out that Jack (having joined the Peace Corps with Rachel) has shunned his altruistic ways and joined this nasty company. He’s the guy Eric has to meet with. Well, I guess Eric isn’t required to meet with him, but this explains why he took the meeting.

So Eric decides to take Jack to the school dance, which he describes as going “back in time.” He calls Cory “Feeny” lol. And Jack is all like Remember when we were just like these kids? And I want to be like No. They didn’t know you in middle school. They knew you in college. Who compares a college memory to a middle school memory? But whatever. I like seeing the original show’s cast back, so however they need to force it is fine with me.

Jack asks Cory what it’s like having a daughter, so Cory asks Jack to help Riley with her love life. (She’s trying to decide between two boys or something). I mean like wtf why would you ask a friend you haven’t seen in years to do something so ridiculous right in front of your kid? Like deal with your own kid, jerk.

So Jack compares Riley’s middle school situation to that time that he and Eric lived with Rachel and both wanted to date her. Well, I mean he makes it way more PG. Riley asks how Rachel felt about each of them and Jack tells her that she liked him as a boyfriend. Eric tells her that Rachel liked him as a brother. We then learn that Rachel and Jack haven’t talked in a really long time, whereas Eric and Rachel talk all the time. So Jack tells her that having close friends is “the best choice you can make.”

Then no one can figure out who Riley is at the dance with. Like who is her date? And they’re like oh well. “We’re all friends and we’re all dancing. What else is there to figure out?” I mean this is like a sentiment I would have accepted in college, but this is like freaking middle school. Where is the drama? The catty and possessive behavior? It’s a black-and-white world in your thirteen year-old mind and you have to pick one of the boys to be your boyfriend. Then a week later you have to dramatically break up with that boyfriend and realize that the other boy was your true love forever. I mean it’s like these writers have never been to a middle school dance!

Anyway, Matthew Lawrence still looks good, and isn’t that all that really matters?

Boy Meets World: Brother Brother

Shawn and Topanga are both going away for the summer, which leaves Cory totally depressed. Meanwhile, Eric has been rejected from every single college he has applied to, and is now hoping North Southwestern San Diego State University (NSWSDSU) will accept him off the wait-list. Eric’s hoping to have some quality time with Corey before he leaves home, but Cory resents Eric for only wanting to hang out with him now that he’s leaving. He plans to pack up his room in a week and spend the entire summer road-tripping to California. Like woah. I did not have that much mobility right after I graduated from high school, but more power to you, Eric.

After a brutal cat-fight with Cory, Eric decides it would be best to leave the following day instead of the following week. Alan tries to talk him out of it, noting that he technically hasn’t been accepted to college yet. He agrees to wait one more day, so his parents can have a goodbye dinner for him. (The Matthews Family loves big deal dinners.) And Alan advises him to spend the next day figuring out what is upsetting Cory.

In the height of melodrama, Cory makes an impassioned speech at Eric’s goodbye dinner. He wishes him a nice life because he’s probably moving out forever from the room they’ve shared for fifteen years–and they don’t even know each other. Um. Okay. False. I get that you’re bummed this is happening but I’d just like to point out that Eric has been a pretty amazing brother to Cory: He’s a guest speaker in Cory’s 6th grade class, he makes Cory and Shawn a guide to high school on their first day, and earlier this season they even planned a rave together. So like Cory is just being super whiny and raining on everyone else’s parade because he’s lonely. But then again he is fifteen, so I guess that’s to be expected.

The next morning Cory says goodbye (almost tearfully) to Shawn and Topanga. Eric shows up just after they leave and finds a lonely Cory playing basketball and talking to himself. Cory apologizes to Eric about being a jerk. He also admits to stealing Eric’s college acceptance letter from the mailbox because he didn’t want him to leave. He feels like they’re finally getting to be friends (I guess the rave earlier this season was a real bonding moment) instead of being just brothers. Only, it turns out that letter is a rejection letter, and Eric has nowhere to go.

Eric admits that his expectations were a bit unrealistic, since he slacked off for all but the last few months of his high school career. But Cory encourages him to take a few classes over the summer, and apply again to an even better school. That’s still a major uphill battle for a guy who barely graduated from high school, but that’s not the point. The point is that Eric’s always been the supportive big brother for Cory (even though he’s been whining for this entire episode) and now it’s Cory’s turn to be the supportive one. That’s the first time in this entire 30-minute bitch-fest that Cory has actually demonstrated the kind of friendship that he demands from Eric. Omg. The feels. I think I’m going to cry. But seriously, what other hilarious sitcom is also this real in terms of human emotion. Certainly NOT Girl Meets World. New Theory: Boy Meets World  is Cheers for the children of the 90’s. It’s all fun and games and harassment until you really need someone and they’re surprisingly deep.

Then Eric decides that Cory should come on his road trip with him and Amy and Alan bankroll the entire thing because they’re going to look at colleges across America. Like as a potential-one-day-maybe-parent I’m a little freaked out by the idea of an eighteen year-old and a fifteen year-old crossing America alone together in the days before cell phones, but if my kids were Eric and Cory, I’d like to think I’d be open to it.

Very Special Lesson: THIS ENTIRE SHOW IS A VERY SPECIAL LESSON YOU GUYS! (I think work stress is making me more emotional about television than I should be BUT MY FEELINGS ARE REAL!)

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

Eric is running for Senator of New York and he wants Riley and her friends to run the campaign. It turns out that this is a great idea (well in the world of this TV Show) because the incumbent senator has taken money away from the school budget and “given” it to his “rich friends.” (We only find this out because the dude who unearthed all of this fiscal drama happens to be sitting in Topanga’s bakery while Eric is talking to the kids.) They all decide Eric has a change at winning the election because he cares about schools.

Um. Right. For a show based in New York, I guess they forgot about Zephyr Teachout. Moving right along…

Anyway, Harley Keiner (former tough guy at John Adams High in Philadelphia, current custodian at John Quincy Adams in New York City) somehow gets involved in the situation. He’s mostly just there so Eric can not recognize him as Harley but think he looks a lot like Harley and then say some dumb stuff about how he wished he had beaten up Harely…only to realize he is, in fact, talking to Harley. But Harley handles it with grace because he’s mellowed and matured.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.31.16 PMShortly thereafter, Eric comes to realize that he was selected to run for senator by someone from the incumbent’s campaign because they thought he would fail. He then becomes very depressed and Riley and Maya have to entice him to get back to work with cocoa puffs, milk, and chocolate syrup. Very reminiscent of this:

So then they have a debate at JQA Middle School and the Senator is basically like: Eric Matthews has no experience, he has no children of his own (which is his entire platform), and lowering the voting age is kind of stupid (oh yeah the middle schoolers want to lower the voting age and it is kind of stupid). But then Eric is like just ’cause I don’t have my own kids doesn’t mean I don’t care about kids. And then the Senator is like “prove it.” And then the dude from Topanga’s bakery who had discovered all of the Senator’s fiscal shenanigans, is all like I can prove that Eric cares about kids! And it turns out that he’s actually Tommy, who you all may recognize as this kid:

And at this point everyone in Girl Meets World shouldScreen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.41.41 PM like wonder if they’re living in the freaking Twilight Zone because like wtf. But yeah. It does sort of tug on my heart strings, if only because Will Friedle is so lovingly like “Tommy?” And for some reason Topanga is in the background fangirling about this child she barely knew from like a decade earlier that Eric mentored. But then they actually play a clip of Boy Meets World in order to show who Tommy is because he was kind of a minor character and why on earth would kids who watch Girl Meets World know or care about him? I’ve come to accept that the Eric episodes are written for the grown-ups, thank God. And then Tommy is all like Eric gave me up because he loved me. And he talks about how he ended up with a great family and blah blah blah Eric is great with kids. Meanwhile, all of the tweens are filming this on their smartphones.

And like Eric and Tommy walk off arm-in-arm and somehow he now has a chance of actually winning the election? So Topanga and Corey pack up to leave the country just in case, leaving their children behind. The end!

Very Special Lesson: Remember how I mentioned The Twilight Zone above? Yeah, I think Girl Meets World is all just like a Twilight Zone future for the characters of Boy Meets World. Or like Eric is in a coma and dreaming this shit. Or something. But it’s like…it’s weird.

Girl Meets Squirrels

Eric Matthews arrived at John Quincy Adams Middle School last night, and let me just say it was THE BEST EPISODE EVER! I’m qualified to make this assumption because I have now seen five episodes total of this show.

Riley and Maya are having a fight over Riley not defending Maya when someone insulted her but the insult was true. It’s a classic case of truth vs. undying loyalty. Corey is in over his head, so he calls in his big bro, Eric–who shows up at the younger Matthews apartment in a shot-for-shot remake of the original Mr. Squirrels lollipop introduction.

Also, he holds balloons in Corey’s doorway and seems to have stolen the balloons from reunion party in Boy Meets World.


Eric is currently the mayor of a small town in upstate New York near border of Quebec. He dresses like Mr. Squirrels because that’s how his townspeople dress and it makes them more comfortable, supposedly. At this point in the show, I’m groaning a bit because I’m like ugh they’ve decided to perpetuate the stupid Eric trope of the latter years. 

Stupid Eric is exceedingly funny, but I always loved the charming thoughtful Eric years of his high school to early adult days, personally. I did enjoy his ridiculous behavior in the college years, but it was such a departure from his original character that my brain had trouble reconciling it.

Anyway, Eric does remove his Squirrels outfit and try to help the children work out their friendship issues. (Plays with Squirrels was classically helpful  with friendship, if you recall the original series). He comes to school with Corey the next day and is still full-on goofball, putting scotch tape on his face and forgetting what he’s said seconds before. My heart mourns for the loss of the sensitive, intuitive Eric we once knew.

girl-meets-world-hallwayWhen he orders the class out into the hallway to better discuss the issue of “friendship war,” Corey pulls him to the side and says that they joke around a lot, but he needs to know that Eric has this under control. Then the show gives me everything I’ve ever asked for and assumed as a viewer. It’s like a switch flips and Eric totally drops the act. He’s not stupid at all. It’s all some ridiculous act–the kind you see from people who really are too perceptive and intuitive for their own good–and he actually is the problem-solving thoughtful person we once knew. Sure, Eric is not an intellectual and never has been, but he knows how to be serious when the moment calls for it. The Eric we see at this point reminds me a lot of the Eric who told adorable little sixth grader Topanga that they couldn’t date in the most “let ’em down easy” kind of way I could imagine from a teenage boy.

As it turns out, Maya is constantly insulting cute-boy Lucas, and he finally retaliated by calling her a “short little stack of pancakes.” That to me sounds like bizarro middle school flirting, but she takes it to be the world’s greatest insult, and she’s pissed when Riley doesn’t stand up for her because she actually is short. I actually like the kids at this point because the whole class goes all “Breakfast Club” and Eric actually gives them the chance to work it out themselves. This show seems to have a lot of Corey unloading a lot of life lessons he’s already learned, so it was nice to see Eric let the kids figure it out for themselves…which was kind of the thing Boy Meets World excelled at.

Very Special Lesson: We’re still who we are, even when we seem not like ourselves. Eric is just the best. Also, if Girl Meets World continues on this track, I’ll have to give the writers more credit.

Very Special Question: Will we ever find out what happened to Topanga’s sister Nebula?

Boy Meets World: Uncle Daddy

97.9%* of Boy Meets World episodes are about Corey, so I wanted to review a very special episode about Eric. Eric was definitely the funniest character, and Will Friedle is pretty funny in real life too. I don’t have twitter but that doesn’t keep me from reading his. You see, sometimes very special episodes are about not birthing a child before you’re ready. Other times, they are about not adopting someone else’s before you are ready.

bmw1In “Uncle Daddy” Eric is dating an older woman. When he asks her out three times in a row, she reveals that she has a son. She introduces them and tells him that he has to have a relationship with her son if he wants to have a relationship with her. Like what? Three dates in a row and suddenly it’s time to join the family? This poor kid! His mom is totally going to tug on his heart strings because we already know the Eric is the best big brother…and erm maybe father figure? Also, I’m pretty sure this kid is the kid from Liar, Liar.

Eric is awesome with the kid. No surprise there. This is during his My Date with the President’s Daughter phase (a.k.a. his perfect phase) which quickly degrades into his “Plays with Squirrels” phase. (Actually, now that I have reached that age, I’m pretty sure he was just having a quarter-life crisis.) He’s so great that he decides to read the kid aa bedtime story instead of going to see a Jim Carrey (omg from Liar, Liar!) movie with Cory and Shawn. But he totally falls apart when he can’t turn down a game of foosball and leaves the kid sitting at a table alone. Then he bemoans the fat that he has not hung out with grown ups all day, which the kid overhears. So he asks Eric for money for ice cream and the kid runs away (presumably to wait for the bus). When Eric notices he’s lost him, he realizes that he can’t be a dad just yet. bmw2

He explains everything to the MILF and she’s like super cool about it. She’s not at all mad at him for leaving her kid unattended and she’s totally understanding of the fact that he’s not ready to be a dad. So she breaks up with him. Because it is the fair thing to do. Because she is the coolest woman ever. Like wtf. He should marry this woman.

Eric gets home from his breakup and finds Cory mouthing off to his parents about taking the car when he wasn’t supposed to. Eric tells him to chill out and give his dad a break. (He’s maturing!) And then he decides to study and retake the SAT’s (more maturing!)

Very Special Lesson: You will meet the perfect woman. She will have a perfect kid. But you’ll be a manchild and it won’t work out. Sorry. Them’s the breaks.

*based upon a study in which I was not entirely paying attention run over the course of the past fifteen years.