Very Special Halloween Costumes

You guys are all planning super in advance for Halloween, right? Well, just in case you are…I have some suggestions. I made a Polyvore account for this. I made some pretty weird looking things, so I think it’s safe to say that I have probably scared off the average Polyvore user from following me. Anyway, check it out!  And yeah, I got tired so I only made 7 looks which means this chart layout for 9 is pretty sad looking. Whoops.

6 thoughts on “Very Special Halloween Costumes

  1. Ha! I love the Cher! And Gem! I loved Gem when I was really little, so I of course don’t remember anything about it. I AM actually planning my costume already – Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire. What are you going to be?

    1. Agh I always have like 55 ideas and then I never want to spend any money so it’s a terrible dilemma. As of right now, I’m leaning towards Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark–the Cairo scenes with the red espadrilles and monkey on her shoulder–but who knows, that could change 20 times before the end of October.

      1. My sister would love that costume – she’s an Indiana Jones nut. Was actually an archaeologist last year. I, too, have gone back and forth. I’ve thought of the being Danerys Targaryen, too…

      2. Lol I just had to look that up. I was just like, “I know this is game of thrones but I can’t keep their names straight…” That is so cool that your sister was an archaeologist! That’s a fantasy job of mine that I would never actually want to put forth any effort toward making happen…but you know if someone could magically instill me with that skill set and teleport me to the desert, then I think it could be a pretty fun adventure.

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