Boy Meets World: The Witches of Pennbrook

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.54.02 PMDJ from Full House moves in next door to Jack and Eric, and Eric pretty much instantly dislikes her. She’s not DJ in this though; she’s a creepy witch named Millie. Only Eric can see her true nature, and she decides to drive a wedge between him and Jack. When Eric sees her conducting an evil ritual on the balcony, he forces Jack to choose between him and Millie. He chooses Millie and informs Eric that she is moving in with them.

Jack finds out that Shawn thinks Millie is a witch too. But Shawn thinks everyone in the coven is cute, so he’s okay with it. Jack confronts Millie and she admits to being a witch. Jack is all like “woah I’ve never dated a witch before” instead of being like “woah what the hell, when did I enter the twilight zone?”

bmwEric goes to see Mr. Feeney and asks to stay with him because Jack’s girlfriend is an evil witch. But in talking to Mr. Feeney, Eric realizes that he is upset not because satanic-DJ has moved into his apartment, but rather because he thought Jack was his best friend and he is starting to think they are just roommates. Mr. Feeney encourages him to tell Jack how he feels.

Jack gets creeped out at the Witch-Coven-Halloween-Party happening in his living room. He tells Millie that he wants to break up and she reveals that she is not Millie, she is infact “Uskar Queen of Malevolence, Daughter of Evil” and that she is only dating Jack because she needed to use his balcony for her ritual. Luckily, Eric shows up in time to save the day with a counterspell form “Witchcraft for Dumb-Dumbs,” and manages to survive a lightening strike due to his use of SPF 45.

Oh and also Eric ends up dating Sabrina. That’s awesome. I wish we had seen more of that relationship.

Halloween Lesson: Bros before witches.Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.09.47 PM

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