The Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding

I started reading The Princess Diaries series in middle school. It is by far the most endearing, light-hearted, and comedic book series I have ever read. This book series basically ruined all other “fun” book series for me forever. For decades, I have been trying to find the kind of book that’s fast-paced and silly, but in a way that doesn’t make me feel like an airhead trying desperately to care about vapid and annoying characters. So I am super excited that Meg Cabot wrote a new installment in the series but for adult readers.

Picking up this book, makes me feel like a twelve year-old all over again. And for once I can say that in a good way. I was so into the books when I first started reading them that I actually brought the first volume into the shower with me. This really didn’t make any sense because it basically meant that I stood under running water, destroying the environment, until I finally realized I had to toss the book over the curtain and quickly was the shampoo out of my hair so that I could get back to reading uninterrupted.

While I’d like to say that I’ve gotten more mature in the personal hygiene department, I can’t say that this book is any less addictive than the first. (Or second through tenth. I even picked up the final YA book in college and secretly read it in my dorm room until my bff saw where I had failed to hide it successfully and begged me to let her borrow it). Today alone I have considered reading it:

a. at a stop light ( only my overwhelming sense of road safety prohibited me)

b. on the stationary bike at the gym (which I did, and it was my best workout ever)

c. maybe I could make that shower thing work. maybe I’m older and wiser enough to really master it this time…

As you can tell from the cover, the book is about Mia and Michael’s engagement and “royal wedding” but there’s obviously so much more. The best part of this series was always the little stuff and not whatever big event each book happened to be centered around.

No spoilers! I haven’t finished reading this book yet (though I’m running at a fast clip. If only I didn’t have to work for a living, I could really knock it out!) My heart hurts just to think that there could not be more books after this. There HAVE to be more books. PLEASE @MegCabot (I know this isn’t Twitter but now I want a Twitter just so I can tweet that at Meg Cabot).

I’m bad at being a Millennial and I don’t know how to tweet or instagram or whatever, so who wants to start a letter writing campaign with me?

5 thoughts on “The Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding

  1. 100% agree that reading this book took me back to my younger self reading it. I’m also hoping there will be more books, based on having read this one I’m quite optimistic!

    1. I finished it this morning before work and am now having severe withdrawal. But I did read on the back that this is “the first installment for adult readers” so first must mean there are more to come, right?? Fingers crossed!

  2. I had never heard of “The Princess Diaries” until the movie got released, and I was surprised that the star had the same name as William Shakespeare’s wife. My friend and I couldn’t understand why TPD was playing in so many theaters while “Rush Hour 2” was playing in only one.

    Anyway, I saw TPD 1 and 2 many years later. They’re a little hard to take seriously since Anne Hathaway has starred in a number of serious roles since then (Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married). The main thing that I interpreted from the movies is that it’s weird that the creator of Fonzie directed a movie about a nerdy girl becoming a princess.

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