Some Very Special Movies

I’ve been really sick the past couple of days. While working from home, I’ve been watching some awful and some awesome things:

Augusta, Gone-I knew something was wrong with me when I had some seriously fun schadenfreude over watching a 14 year old girl ruin her life with drugs. It was like Go, Ask Alice but with emo outfits. I mean everything turned out okay (whoops, sorry spoilers) so I don’t feel too guilty about it but I’d also like to say that this was the last thing I watched before waking up in the middle of the night and feeling like all of my bodily fluids had turned to ice water and my organs were freezing…so like maybe I wasn’t in my right mind. P.S. This movie was brought to you by The Lifetime Movie Club.

Me watching all of these movies.

Benny & Joon– I expected more from this movie. Yes, I know it’s a cult classic. But I think I built it up too much in my mind. Aidan Quinn really made the movie for me. Mary Stuart Masterson was pretty remarkable and Johnny Depp was Johnny Depp. So yeah. I mean Aidan Quinn was pretty cool. Also, I now want to attempt to make grilled cheese with an iron.

Roadhouse-This is my new favorite movie. It really shouldn’t be, but it is. I’ve been avoiding Patrick Swayze movies for the last six years because it hurts my heart and I miss him. While I don’t think I can handle Dirty Dancing again just yet, I decided tonight was the night for Roadhouse. I spent most of this movie being like “wtf is happening?” and “is this tai chi scene character development?” I feel like this movie is kind of like Footloose but with violence instead of dancing. It’s like a cool dude goes to a weird little town and makes life better. Also Sam Elliot is in it and The Jeff Healey Band. This all spells a recipe for success.

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