The Best Things in Life are Free

…but I still want to purchase a lot of random crap.

I’ve put myself on a spending freeze for the entire month of June. Well, there was one exception to this. I’ve been doing a lot of technical writing at work but I also want to blog and use social media at home without completely destroying my eyesight. So I bought some of those old person glasses that fix your computer screen glare. Yes, they make me look 85 years old and no I don’t want to talk about it!

Anyway, I’m trying to off-set the cost of my trip to “Saved by the Max,” the Saved by the Bell pop up diner, so I’m only spending money on essentials. And suddenly I’m like really wanting a lot of random things–like things I may not even purchase if I wasn’t on a spending freeze–including but not limited to:

-A  miniature donut maker
-Any kind of soap that promises to smell like the beach
-Jelly Sandals
-Anything for which I receive a coupon in my email inbox

Oh well, I guess I’m just going to have to stop perusing the internet and read some of the books overflowing from my shelves for a change. Turns out those coupon flyers you get in your mailbox make really good bookmarks.

5 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life are Free

  1. Not to be totally unstop portion of the spending freeze, but I swear I live in my jelly sandals right now. Best investment of the year, considering the ones I got were $10 from Forever 21. Ok, totally not helping right now. Stay strong! Resist the coupons!

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