I’m A Late Adopter: Please Follow Me on Twitter

So there’s this thing called Social Media. I got Facebook when all the cool kids were doing it and then after that I basically just found everything else super intimidating. But I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and they’re all on Twitter and I want to follow all of them and finally the FOMO became too much.

Also, I haven’t actually tweeted anything yet…but I’m working on it!

So please help a girl out and follow me @veryspecialblog (there was no room for the “the.” I’m very upset about it) and I will tweet things at you or retweet your things. Basically, I’ll do whatever one does on this thing just as soon as I figure out what that is. (Please send help in the comment box below.)


#help #amigoingtobekickedoutofthemillennialgeneration

8 thoughts on “I’m A Late Adopter: Please Follow Me on Twitter

  1. I’ve always found Twitter to be much easier to get into than Facebook. That could be because I mostly follow people I don’t know in real life, though. Much less daunting than worrying about what family or friends will think of what I say on Facebook.
    Then again, I have several social media accounts and I’m pretty sure I don’t know what I’m doing on any of them. So I don’t really have much advice, but I will say welcome to the Twitter club!

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